Where do I buy prom dresses?

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Cee Tee

Cee T.

United States

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Prom is just around the corner and I have no idea where to find a suitable prom dress---preferably one that cannot be worn on a daily basis and reads "ITS PROM NIGHT" all over it? Im not looking for anything specific, but if anyone could give me names of a few shops (either in america or online thanks) that provide dresses along the lines of either floral or lacey?


xoxo claire

almost 9 years ago

Natalia B

Natalia B.


65 posts

Why not design it yourself? That would be pretty great. Express yourself in every way. :D
HEre's some looks for inspiration:

Good Luck! :D

0 · March 17, 2010

Cee Tee

Cee T.

United States

2 posts

Thank you!

0 · March 21, 2010

Katlyn S

Katlyn S.

United States

45 posts

usually there are stores some where in your state that only let one person from each school buy each dress so that you won't have the same one as someone else i went to a store in penn.

0 · March 24, 2010

Kat Saunders

Kat S.

United States

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i bought a torn up too small 50s dress. had it re-made in my size in blue and accessorized with vintage gloves and jewelry. i'd go for that kind of route. because prom is the one night where unless the dress is MINT that you want any kind of imperfections or age showing.

0 · March 24, 2010

None None

None N.


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i bought a cute prom dress at vietnam. LOL and i'm not really like it.
maybe you can design it yourself, make it perfect with what you want and you are comfortable to wear for sure :)

0 · March 26, 2010

Krista Eppelstun

Krista E.


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You may find some inspiration here?

0 · April 19, 2010

Jazmin B

Jazmin B.

United Kingdom

32 posts I got a lovely red dress from there for my prom.

0 · November 28, 2010

Kathryn Orr

Kathryn O.

United Kingdom

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I really like the ballgowns used on strictly come dancing... Does anybody know where i could buy a similar ball gown or is there anyone willing to make me one? I'd pay good money for it and pay post and package :)

0 · November 28, 2010

Hannah Santhanam

Hannah S.

United States

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It has lots of dresses on sale.

0 · April 5, 2012

Linda Jew

Linda J.

United States

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My sister just bought a prom dress online from JSSHAN. The dress looks very nice! Maybe you can go there to have a look! They have free shipping and other services like custom-make (for only 10USD).

0 · November 13, 2012



United States

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A prom dress from China with many online boutiques. Provide wholesale and retail.
There are many types of clothing and various models. The fabric is great. The product quality is very high. cheap price.You can find any style you want. I believe you will like it.

0 · September 29, 2018

Emma Fei

Emma F.

United States

12 posts

You can buy dress on exlura website. This site is doing promotions, buy 1 get 1 50% off dress, it’s really cost-effective.

0 · December 3, 2018


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