Calling All Citizens of Boston

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Jacq S

Jacq S.

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Going to Boston for the first time during spring break (college visits)

what to do? where to eat? where to shop?
Events? flea markets? cafes? museums? galleries?

over 11 years ago

Fez M

Fez M.

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Spring break's usually when the tourists start marching in, but there's still a bunch of non-touristy things to do.
Newbury St. For shopping (Chanel, Sonya Rykiel, etc..) Stretches really far, don't try to do it all in one sitting(your feet will kill you)
Faneuil Hall Has shops, a really cool food hall, and historical-ish things if you're into it.
Prudential Center connects to various places, like Copley Place (shopping center for the posh.) and some blah hotels. Has a nice food court.
Museums-Institute of Contemporary Art is a good one, Museum of Science is really fun. Museum of Fine Arts is really nice, and has cool galleries.
Flea Markets...This is a stretch. SOWA starts in May, but the Cambridge Antique Market Building has 5 floors, and is within 2 minutes from the Lechmere T station.
Cafes- The good ones are out of Boston, IMO, near the college areas. Every other corner in Boston is a Starbucks, Dunkin's, or some weird business cafe that caters to boring businessmen/women.
Eating-Seeing as you're a high schooler, eateries around Chinatown, Downtown Crossing will satisfy your hunger. (And budget.)
All in all, if you're clueless in general, take a Duck Tour. (Little bus things that tour you around Boston, can go in the water.)
Walk in the Common, take the T somewhere and see where you end up, and never refer to Boston as Beantown unless your very life depends on it. =)

Enjoy your visit

0 · March 30, 2010

Jacq S

Jacq S.

United States

80 posts

Thanks so much! I visited ICA, Faneuil Hall, and the Cambridge Antique Market and loved it all
Boston has to be my new favorite city :)

0 · April 11, 2010


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