Post your fashion failures.

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Jen O. Cide

Jen O. C.


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don't be shy! Dig up some photos of you from days past that make you cringe. Or hell, they can be recent ones that you thought looked good but actually did not. I'll start things off.

Probably 2003 or 2004. My hair and shirt are the SAME COLOUR WHY WOULD I DO THIS

2002, my graduating year of high school. Remember plaid pants? And skate shoes?

2004. This is almost too embarrassing to post. Skirt over pants whyyyyyyyyy D:

what the actual fuck, cargo pants? I think I was trying to win an award for 'dykiest dressed dyke of dyketown' in 2006.

I have more but I want others to post some first.

over 9 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

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paisley indian skirts and blue eyeshadow come to mind...thank goodness there are no pictures of that

0 · October 31, 2014

Alisa Sia

Alisa S.

United States

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Kind of similar to one of yours... When I was like 13, I used to wear Jeans + Denim Skirt on top!!!! :O

0 · May 4, 2015


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