ForumTrash photos in black and white...does it annoy you too?

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Antwan Duncan

Antwan D.

United States

31 posts

i dunno, i'm not usually one to complain, but the lookbook photos that are in black and white annoy me. i feel like it completely defeats the purpose of the site. i mean, i feel like we need to see the colors of each look. maybe i'm just a big baby, but yeah. i don't even look in the direction of the looks in b&w, most ppl like b&w pictures, but geez, show what the looks actually looks like, PLEASE.

thanks! :D

almost 10 years ago

David C

David C.


153 posts

ooo thats another thing that i draw the line of hyping at.. yeah inever hype those.

0 · May 26, 2009

Sara L

Sara L.

United States

13 posts

yeah it kind of bothers me too.
there have been times i totally loved the look, but i was hesitant without seeing the colors to hype it...
same with pictures where the color is incredibly altered.

but it does change it in my opinion... there have been times when i thought the entire outfit was navy (a pretty cool idea i think) but it was actually black, just altered color.
may not change it that much but there are a lot of monochrome black looks, navy would be changing it up- too bad i've never actually seen it aha.

0 · May 26, 2009

Shandi C.

Shandi C.

United States

52 posts

color is essential in a look for me most of the time... color can make or break a look so grayscaling a photo is a no go for me

0 · May 26, 2009

Kevin Watts

Kevin W.

United States

97 posts

Sometimes it just doesn't work with color. Black and white just brings another feeling to the outfit.

0 · May 27, 2009

Luna Starr

Luna S.

New Zealand

38 posts

If I like the outfit I'll check it out for the palette, but generally it does put me off.

0 · May 28, 2009

Chelsea A

Chelsea A.


86 posts

It depends. I mean, a black and white or sepia shot of a colourful outfit is pointless to a degree (as far as lookbook is concerned). But at the same time, sometimes I prefer it. I posted a black and white shot of an outfit today, but the outfit is entirely black and white anyways. And to be honest, well...I don't take lookbook that seriously, so I'll hype any look if I like it, whether or not the photo is amazing.

0 · July 1, 2009

Emily H

Emily H.

United Kingdom

176 posts

occasionally i'll hype a black&white one, but they get on my nerves! you can't see the outfit as clearly. ):

0 · July 1, 2009

Justin S

Justin S.

United States

67 posts

I don't see the point in putting your outfit in black and white, especially if the actual outfit has a lot or any color at all. The point is to show off your clothing and how you wear it, not to show off your graphic skills.

0 · July 1, 2009

Emily Westwood

Emily W.


66 posts

Lakyn, your photo is awesome :D

I think it's cool when they have like a collage of two photos, one in B&W and one in colour. But what bugs me more is when it's a motion photo and you can barely even tell theres a person in it. Like, it's a cool photo, but WTF are they wearing!?

0 · July 1, 2009

Tara Urekar

Tara U.


94 posts

I don't mind, if there is a colour version of the outfit next to the b&w one.
If the outfit is black and white anyways, who cares?

0 · July 1, 2009

Denny Balmaceda

Denny B.

United States

105 posts

i'm guilty of having b/w pics, but i only do so if my outfit is black and white....sometimes b/w makes a picture 100 times better, but that's just my opinion.

0 · July 1, 2009

Chris Fox

Chris F.

United States

6942 posts

@Denny B.

Yeah, it the outfit is clearly black and white, I'm comfortable with it. But that's my only leniency.

0 · July 1, 2009

Emily L

Emily L.

United Kingdom

388 posts

they dont anoy me if its monochrome anyway, i haven't noticed any colourful outfits in black and white but they would annoy me. iim all for black and white pictures but not if your displaying an outfit. i feel that there should be some rules for this.

0 · July 1, 2009

Emily Westwood

Emily W.


66 posts

oh god, i just realized i have a black and white photo. god, i'm daft. but it's a black and white outfit so hopefully it's alright.

0 · July 1, 2009

Gone Monteiro

Gone M.


479 posts

Lol o.O

0 · July 2, 2009

Paula Dela Cruz

Paula D.

United States

24 posts

It really doesn't annoy me.
Its actually ok.
But its just too bad if its black and white and it really had nice colors...

IDK. :)

That's just my opinion

0 · July 2, 2009

Sophie D.

Sophie D.

United Kingdom

506 posts

It annoys me.
Unless it's something like this.
Cause then it's just so it's easier to tag etc.

0 · July 2, 2009

Per Holm

Per H.


972 posts

@Kevin W.


0 · July 2, 2009

Emily H

Emily H.

United Kingdom

176 posts

i've already left a post on this ahaa. i now have a black&white picture, but it has a clearer, zoomed in, colour photo next to it.
does the black&white spoil it? or should it have been in colour?

0 · July 2, 2009



United Kingdom

245 posts

I cant say its ever made me set my self on fire and run out the nearest window.
Just dont hype.

0 · August 19, 2009

Paultins .

Paultins ..


12 posts

really? :o

0 · August 19, 2009

Francis Y

Francis Y.

United Kingdom

2040 posts

Unless the outfit only has black and white

0 · September 1, 2009

Sarah S

Sarah S.


1971 posts

@Francis Y.

Yeah I agree!

0 · September 1, 2009

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5709 posts

can't stand it. it takes away from the picture. if the outfit is black and white, then the background should make it stand out even more. i won't hype them unless accompanied by the full body shot in colour to show me what it actually looks like

0 · November 2, 2014


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