What things do you buy on Internet?

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Amanda R.

Amanda R.


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Do you usually do Internet shopping? Or you only like to see what's new?
What things do you use to buy? Clothes? Jewelry? Cosmetics?
Please, tell me! :)

I usually buy things I can't find in my town or even in my country (for example, I love Abercrombie&Fitch and in Spain there's no store U.U), or, I remember I bought in the Internet my Tiffany&Co earrings, which you can't find here too.
But, I prefer not buying clothing on the Internet (as I said, only specific things) because of the sizes, although I use to buy bags, accesories or things like that.

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I pretty much buy all my sports gear online. Particular compression tights, t-shirts and hoodies. Shoes I buy in store because of my weird foot size. But yeah, sports gear online is way cheaper than in store.

0 · April 22, 2018

Yandel Workman

Yandel W.

United States

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I prefer to order active wear & designer clothes from online shops mostly.

1 · May 31, 2018

Claudine Németh

Claudine N.


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I often buy clothes online.They communicate with me by mail and deliver on time。they are clothes are recognized and loved by they dedicated customers and fans for their quality, uniqueness and love with which they have been created.

0 · August 20, 2018

Caitriona Lui

Caitriona L.


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Hi, you can buy a lot of things from the online market. But jewelry is in the top trending list of the online market. You can find lots of new design of jewelry from the online market. A few weeks before, my friend has purchased Sterling Silver Jewelry from This is a very good online store of 925 sterling silver. They have a huge range of verity and new design products.

0 · January 15, 2019

Yoshiloli Loli

Yoshiloli L.

United States

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I like to buy online, only things, I can't find in my town. I live in New York, and looking for hand-knit clothing I found a online store of handmade alpaca clothing named They shipped from Peru a great sweater for me. I like buy online things that only are sold in other countries.

0 · March 7, 2019

Amelia Jones

Amelia J.


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I prefer to buy clothes online to save myself from all the hassle of roaming around the super market trying to find the perfect dress. My favorite store is Zara but recently I came across this awesome leather store LeatherJacketShop. They have top quality products made from original leather and most importantly, they have a customization option which means that you can buy any product and it will fit you perfectly! Check em out.

0 · April 24, 2019


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