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Greg Tamura

Greg T.

United States

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I live in LA and I have been seeing a lot of girls wearing super thin tee's with no bra. So you can pretty much see thier breasts full veiw.

Obviously, being a guy this is no problem for me. My girl has been rockin' it like that here and there and I think it's super hot. especially if the girls are on the smaller slimmer side.

But what do you girls think of this? Rock it thin, or hide what's within?

11 years ago

Greg Tamura

Greg T.

United States

55 posts

@Kelly W.

A nipple comeback? We will have to wait and see...

0 · April 26, 2011

Kelly W.

Kelly W.


194 posts

@Greg T.

I found the link I was looking for!
I only just saw this the other day.§ionname=fashion&subsectionid=7801278&subsectionname=fashion_sheertrend
NIPPLE. hahah.

You really do have to be confident about it and not look like you don't realise, if you decided to bare all, I would think. Because then it becomes awkward for third parties and whether or not you should tell them 'everyone can see your nipples'.

0 · April 27, 2011

Melodie H

Melodie H.

United States

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maybe a bit weirdd.

0 · April 27, 2011

Joyce Catacutan

Joyce C.


22 posts

Hide what's within. (Speaking as a filipino)

PS Filipinos are indeed conservative

0 · April 28, 2011

Night Swimming

Night S.

United States

85 posts

Everyone has been rocking the sheer trend, I wear a bra with mine. It's visible and classy I think, I always wear a nude bra since it's much less noticable. I wore a scarf too in this look, I think it's good to keep it subtle. Don't do the whole white t-shirt and black bra thing, of course not as bad as no bra, but still kind of trashy.

0 · April 29, 2011

Cassandra Manansala

Cassandra M.

United States

173 posts

I HATE bras.
Let's go nipples!

0 · April 30, 2011

Lissy Morse

Lissy M.

United Kingdom

21 posts

I don't mind going braless. I'm really not feeling bras at the moment anyway, but I wouldnt wear a top that would SHOW my nipple through! Outline is fine, but actually being able to see is a different matter!

I'd love to say my boyfriend wouldn't let me out like that, but actually I think he'd love it...

0 · April 30, 2011

Moon Doan

Moon D.


16 posts

i dont wanna see a girl who dress up like that :).

0 · April 30, 2011

Sascha Emily

Sascha E.

United Kingdom

448 posts

if i had nice, small, perky boobs i'd go for it, but alas.

0 · April 30, 2011

Bella Frost

Bella F.

United States

85 posts

It's just a fashionable excuse to look like a slut if you ask me. I rather let guys wonder instead of just showing them that easily. It should be a like a gift for them to see your boobs, not a free sample. Also some guys, (the good ones), respect girls that don't under dress.

0 · April 30, 2011

Zizzi's Wardrobe

Zizzi's W.

United Kingdom

64 posts

Lols, great topic!! Nipples all the way!!!!!... Mine are out all the time. True you have to be on the smaller side though- get your d-cups out and men'll be crashing their cars and walking into lampposts- would be mayhem. But unless it's really cold you'd have to squint to see mine anyway! xx

0 · April 30, 2011

Kirsty M

Kirsty M.

United Kingdom

368 posts

I live in Wales. It's usually quite cold here. If women did not wear bras their nipples could take eyes out. I'm thankful this trend does not seem to have appeared here :)

0 · April 30, 2011

Nicki Wong

Nicki W.

United States

10 posts

Umm.. I think it's hot, presuming of course, the girl has cute perky boobs with smallish nips! I think it can only work with the right top though. Something like a worn in, holey band tee, or a black off the shoulders top. I imagine a really hot grunge babe or biker chick pulling it off.

Would I? Maybe!

0 · May 1, 2011

Nicki Wong

Nicki W.

United States

10 posts

@Nicki W.

Oh yeah, and also, your girl sounds like a babe!

0 · May 1, 2011

Grice Marie G

Grice Marie G.

United States

134 posts

Thats a big no no...I really don't want to see nobody's nipple plus I don't want my bf to be looking at girls nipples -___- come on

0 · May 1, 2011

Hannah W

Hannah W.


12 posts

This is so whack. I had no idea people, especially chicks, had such a problem with bralessness!! I never ever wear bras. Well, underneath sheer things or for layering purposes I'm not opposed to a bandeau or lace bralette type thing, but underwires are out of the question. I definitely have the kind of teeny tiny chest that can get away with it, and I understand that girls with larger chests are probably more comfortable with the extra support, but if you don't actually need a bra I don't really see why you would wear one. They're so ungodly uncomfortable, and just... icky.

I don't see anything wrong with a bit of nipple visible through shirts, I mean, they're just nipples. We've all got 'em and we've all spent a portion of our lives getting fed by sucking on 'em, y'know? Hahaha, sorry if that was vulgar, I just think that western society as a whole is waay too uptight about nudity and the female body in general. The way women are portrayed in media succeeds in brainwashing society as a whole into beging absolutely terrified of a natural female body with nipples that arent hidden away and body hair that hasn't been shaved and lasered off, and I think that's wrong.

I respect everyone's right to their own oppinion, and I'm okay with the fact that lots of women just will never be comfortable going out without a bra, and that's not a big deal, the way you dress, is afterall, all about making yourself feel good and feel comfortable. On that same note, I don't think that girls going braless should be demonized as being trashy or classless, it's just as valid a personal comfort choice as always wearing a bra.

All in all, I'm a bra-free, underarm hair rockin' lady and I happen to feel sexy as fuck thankyou very much :)

0 · May 5, 2011

Ticha Ung

Ticha U.

United States

8 posts

i would NEVER ever wear that

0 · May 5, 2011

Leila Dixon

Leila D.


185 posts

i see nothing wrong with it. if it were more acceptable here i definitely would.
my breasts are small plus i've got some nipple bling. (piercings)
i'd be soo down.
but i know tons of people who would approach me and call me a slut or something...
the human body is a wonderful thing.

0 · November 12, 2011

. .

. ..

United States

156 posts

I have pretty small boobs (therefore pert) and don't have any weird nipple shit going on, so I could probably get away with this trend. I personally wouldn't though, but I think it could work on other people? As with any trend, only do it if it works well for you. All throughout the ages bras haven't always been THAT commonly used, so I could see this coming back as a thing.

I think it just doesn't make sense if you have huge knockers cause they could just end up looking droopy and weird.

0 · November 12, 2011

Leigh Infante

Leigh I.


100 posts

I never wear tees without wearing bras though it's cool for some.

0 · November 12, 2011

Ester Balbi

Ester B.


5 posts

personally, i think it's NOT cool to see somebody's nipple COLOR through a light tee, but i admit it's quite sexy to see the nipples shape... u know, like when they pucker through the cloth... but it has to be a perfect shape and definitely not over a c cup, otherwise it would look gross!!

0 · November 13, 2011

GXT .inc

GXT ..

Sri Lanka

40 posts

haha hide what's within! but that's just my opinion :)

0 · November 20, 2011


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