Books vs. E-readers

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Melanie B.

Melanie B.

United States

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I LOVE real books. there's just something about them, you know? i love stocking my shelves with beautiful hardcovers. as a result, i generally think ereaders and ebooks are silly. i understand that they are convenient (smaller size, can carry many books in one ereader) and they are fast (you can download a book in minutes). there are definitely benefits to ereaders. but to me this is not enough to convince me to use them instead of real books. i feel like ereaders take away the...i don't know what the right word is...essence of the book? it's not just about the words, it's about holding the book in your hands and turning the pages, it's about putting it on your shelf to keep.

barnes and noble recently went up for sale because they cannot keep up with ereader and ebook sales. they do have the nook but it is not nearly as popular as the kindle. this makes me very sad, i love barnes and noble; i love going in there just to browse shelves and shelves of books. and not just barnes and noble; i love going to all kinds of bookstores. it scares me to think that bookstores are doing poorly because a lot of people are buying ebooks instead. are we to get rid of books altogether in the very distant future?

here are some links about barnes and noble and about books vs. ereaders:

so tell me, do you agree? or am i just being silly? i'd like to hear opinions on both sides!

over 8 years ago

Beneaththeglass .

Beneaththeglass ..

United States

141 posts

nothing can replace the feeling of curling up with a blanket and a good book..or relaxing in the tub with a book, etc. not too sound cheesy, but there's just something about a new book, or old one too, that you don't get from an electronic device. books remind me of simpler times :)

0 · December 9, 2011

Christina Ann

Christina A.

United States

602 posts

buh this makes me so sad, I know that books are getting really expensive which is why I've been buying all of mine on Alibris lately (although the shipping costs more than the books, but. still better). books are so pretty and it is not the same at all to read on a nook or whatever. icky icky icky. and looking at them for a long time makes me nauseous anyways.

0 · December 11, 2011

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

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I despise e-readers.

I love books so much. I never throw a book out. I've just moved and my fiance is dismayed at how many books we have. He keeps asking me to get rid of some but I can't do it. He doesn't understand why I'm so picky about keeping them pristine either. He stored them wrong and one of them has got all bent up and creased. I wasn't happy!

Nothing can ever replace the feeling of a book.

0 · December 11, 2011

Steph Banks

Steph B.

United Kingdom

273 posts

hate e-readers! and not mention they're a computer, so all that time you are reading with one you are damaging your eyes!

0 · January 14, 2012

Kat C.

Kat C.

United States

323 posts

Real books are 10 times better. I can understand the appeal of e-readers, but they just don't appeal to me. I'm looking for a book I can physically hold and flip the pages of. Otherwise the reading experience feels completely different.

0 · January 29, 2012

MaryAlice G

MaryAlice G.

United States

1044 posts

Books for sure. I love the smell of OLD books especially. That adds such an atmosphere that E-readers could never touch.

0 · January 30, 2012

Emma SK

Emma S.


139 posts

I prefer books because I love filling up bookshelves with them. I wanna have an entire wall full of books one day. Plus I love turning the pages and putting cute bookmarks in them. And of course the smell of books just makes me calm down instantly.
My boyfriend has a kindle and even though its cool that you can have thousands of books with you and its not even heavy but its just not the same. I'm not so fond of it actually.
So I'm all for books, book and BOOKS!!!

0 · February 1, 2012

Katie B

Katie B.

United States

69 posts

I totally agree! I don't have anything against e-books, but I don't think I would ever buy one. It just wouldn't feel right to me.

0 · February 3, 2012

Alexandra Lazar

Alexandra L.


63 posts

As much as technology and reading are coming more and mre together, I simply can't stand ereaders. They make the eyes sore (as if it weren't enough the amount of time we spend online), plus they ruin the magic of reading!

0 · February 7, 2012

Delphine R.

Delphine R.


24 posts

Well I have an e-book, a christmas gift, and now I'm really using it.

It will NEVER replace books, their smell and their touch, but when you travel, go away, it is really great to have only a small e-book to carry instead of tones of big and heavy books ! Plus the technology is going better than at the beginnings : battery for weeks, a screen that doesn't hurt your eyes, you can take notes, underline words or sentences, etc ...

And ... all the "classical litterature" being old enough to be royalty/copy free (at least in France), you can download all of them for free. This means thousands books !

But this is an electronic device : no way to read when your at the beach, and once "new books" are published in pocket editions the paper version become cheaper than the numeric one. So I think there is no worry to have for paper books. :-)

0 · February 8, 2012

Lauran M

Lauran M.

United Kingdom

775 posts

All the ebooks I own, I already have in print so that when I can't take the actual book with me I can read on the go without it.

0 · June 7, 2012

Zoe Newcomb

Zoe N.

United States

58 posts

fuck ereaders. They're so stupid. There is nothing better than a real book. The smell. the history. all that shit

0 · June 9, 2012

Brittany G

Brittany G.

United States

107 posts

I used to have the Nook, but sold it when I got an iPad for graduation last year. I didn't really read on either of them though, I love holding a book and turning a page! Though ereaders totally help when traveling!

0 · June 12, 2012

Melanie B.

Melanie B.

United States

408 posts

Oh man, I didn't even realize this thread was still going! So glad a lot of people feel the same way I do!

0 · June 12, 2012

Lola F.

Lola F.

United States

74 posts

I always swore I'd never get an e-reader but then I got a nook for Christmas and honestly it's pretty nice to have basically any book in the world at my fingertips. It's super convenient, especially for school assigned novels and stuff like that. But if I have a choice I'll always choose a real book, because they just make the stories seem more real somehow.

0 · June 14, 2012

S Elise B

S Elise B.

United Kingdom

4 posts

I love real books, unless ebooks start stocking that 'book smell', I'm not changing!

0 · June 14, 2012

Jacqueline Hong

Jacqueline H.


2 posts

I never thought that I would like e-readers, since I have tried reading on the backlit screen of an iPad (not enjoyable in my opinion) and I am a true believer in "real" books. My brother recently got an e-reader though and I underrated them, as I can see the value in being able to contain many books in one place and also the screen isn't backlit making it more like reading on paper.

0 · August 27, 2013

Kari Carver

Kari C.

United States

10 posts

I have e-books on my iPod but I rarely read them. First off, it makes my head ache when I read for a long duration of time with a computer or as I said, with my iPod. I don't prefer them actually. I love books more than anything else. It makes me feel proud and happy seeing how my physical library grows each time I visit a bookstore.

0 · August 29, 2013

Jessica Viana

Jessica V.


48 posts

Nothing beats a great shelf with tons of books where you can spend hours looking at the covers trying to decide what to read

0 · September 3, 2013

Lo Pascual ⚓

Lo P.

United Arab Emirates

197 posts

I buy hard cover books that are really special to me. But if its just a so so story I would just read it via ebooks

0 · September 6, 2013

Caroline Carnivorous

Caroline C.


84 posts

I don't think I could ever use those kindles / ereaders. I suck at technology anyways, I JUST got a smartphone!
And I love old, beautiful leatherbound books too much

0 · January 3, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5711 posts

i prefer books but i really do see the usefulness of kindles. damn those useful electronic things

0 · January 4, 2014

Katie Louise Clark

Katie Louise C.

United Kingdom

3 posts

I always swore against buying ebooks...until I got an android tablet just before I went to university this September. I didn't actually buy the tablet to read on, but what with the whole lack of money as a student (mainly due to buying far too much makeup...oops!) ebooks are just a far easier option! Plus I read quite fast! I don't want to feel as though I'm killing trees ;)
I'll still buy real books though because as everyone above me says...there's nothing like the smell of books! Plus, although you can technically highlight and annotate ebooks, I really love marking pages in all my books because I'm a quote nerd :P

0 · January 7, 2014

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

I know what you mean, its like eating junk food with a spoon (or anything but your hand) or eating ice cream not on a cone (kinda takes away the fun of licking the run-away ice cream about drip). I've only read one physical book, and the smell of book pages are quite great! But I prefer e-readers, since I love to make bookmarks on a spec quote (or on a spec swoon moment I want to reread) and its all done in one swift tap of a virtual button, whilst in a physical book you need to make bookmarks or highlight the quote only to zip through the pages looking for the quote (better take note of the page!). Another problem is the space, Im a bit disorganized, so no thanks (but I woudlnt mind stocking up a bookshelf with everything I read!

0 · January 11, 2014

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

@Katie Louise C.

Ditto on the marking pages (Im a quote nerd too) + I totally agree with the killing trees part, Im trying to minimize the deaths Im responsible for haha

0 · January 11, 2014

Roxanne Z.

Roxanne Z.


64 posts

I prefer books! I love to buy new books,that smell,that feeling mmm goodlife

0 · January 14, 2014


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