Your favourite rubbish TV shows

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Lydia Jam

Lydia J.

United Kingdom

995 posts

What are your favourite rubbish TV shows?

You know what I mean, the shows you really enjoy watching but you know they are terrible really.

For example, I love Neighbours, but I know it's tacky and the acting and storylines are pretty bad.

over 8 years ago

Harry J Bartlett

Harry J B.

United Kingdom

301 posts

loads of my friends hated it and i loved it
FOOTBALLERS WIVE$ was the best cheesy series ever

0 · September 9, 2010

Nikki D

Nikki D.

United States

72 posts

Glee. I like the musical aspect of the show, but it's not modern in a sense that stereotypes rule the school. In my high school, there weren't really any definite cliques.

0 · September 9, 2010

Sophie N

Sophie N.


52 posts

teen mom & jersey shore, there would be a lot more but i don't get tlc :D

0 · September 10, 2010

Rochelle K-

Rochelle K.

United States

96 posts

Gossip Girl. It's really not that great anymore, but I still watch it 'cause I'm completely hooked.
& America's Next Top Model. It got really crappy, but it's my guilty pleasure. The prizes are really good this cycle tho hahaha.

0 · September 10, 2010

Lydia Jam

Lydia J.

United Kingdom

995 posts

haha. I love how easy it is to get addicted to rubbish shows.

I love Charmed, it's so tacky it's amazing.

0 · September 10, 2010

Alexe G

Alexe G.


1912 posts

Say Yes to the Dress, Jersey Shores and Wipeout.

0 · September 10, 2010

Samantha Teng

Samantha T.


570 posts

Guess it would be Spongebob and Tom & Jerry! I'm always watching repeat episodes but I never get tired of them though!

0 · September 11, 2010

Modesto G.

Modesto G.

United States

168 posts

(Only watch once)
Keeping up with the kardashians

(Couple of times)
Jersey Shore

0 · September 11, 2010

Griselda O.

Griselda O.

United States

133 posts

- Dawsons Creek
- Jersey Shore
- Keeping Up With The Kardashians
- The Real World (rarely)

0 · September 11, 2010

Lydia Jam

Lydia J.

United Kingdom

995 posts

Road Wars.

For 3 hours one time :| It's a bit addictive and mind-numbing.

0 · September 18, 2010

Jen O. Cide

Jen O. C.


3608 posts

The L Word
How I Met Your Mother

0 · September 19, 2010

Mal S

Mal S.

United States

664 posts

Bad Girls Club, bahahaha.

0 · September 19, 2010

Harry P

Harry P.


105 posts

I actually love Jersey Shore and Keeping up with the kardashians!!

0 · September 22, 2010

Ezi E

Ezi E.

United States

81 posts

Keeping Up with the Kardashians i trash but oh so good. Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Phineas and Ferb...but that one's not rubbish per se, it's just meant for children

0 · September 22, 2010

Alexandrea Sophie

Alexandrea S.


62 posts

The new 90210. Oh gosh.

0 · September 22, 2010

Chelsea Dagger

Chelsea D.

United States

147 posts


0 · September 23, 2010

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

United States

1924 posts

Jersey Shore, America's Next Top Model, Real World, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Jerseylicious, The Spin Crowd, and The City.

I know they're crap shows but I record them on my dvr every week and can't stop watching.
Pretty much any reality show is crap.

0 · September 23, 2010

Florence Scott

Florence S.

United Kingdom

49 posts

The Vampire Diaries. Because Elena is annoying and the books are 100 times cheesier...
And it's a typical vampire romance blah blah,
but it's addictive to watch!

0 · September 23, 2010

Lisa Sophia

Lisa S.


145 posts

Grey's isn't rubbish ... and except for this, I don't watch TV.

0 · September 23, 2010

Randi Joan

Randi J.

United States

2397 posts

you mean trash tv?
hahaha i sued to watch all those vh1 reality shows.
i've disowned mtv.
my mom watches alot of them
(not the jerry springer/maury/steve wilkos ones...which im partial to when nothing else is on at 10am)

0 · September 23, 2010

Elise :]

Elise :.


926 posts

maury povich is soooooooo good.

0 · June 18, 2011

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5709 posts

i can't stop watching 'big fat gypsy weddings' so i can alternately make fun of it and shake my head at such a backward community

0 · October 31, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5709 posts

oh and america's next top model. how did i forget about that?

0 · November 4, 2014


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