Feminist Literature

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King Leo

King L.


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So, I recently met someone that was very into feminism and it sparked an interest in me for it.

So I was wondering if there's someone in here that likes to read or has read any books about feminism that would like to recommend a couple for me to read/explore/submerge into it.

Thank you!

over 8 years ago

Chris Fox

Chris F.

United States

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There's one... I'm trying to remember the name...
YES! Remembered it!
It was Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza by Gloria Anzaldúa.
It's not necessarily a book about feminism... more about Chicanos during the Chicano movement of the late 60s / early 70s on the United States and Mexican borders. But from what I've been told, Anzaldúa is a prolific feminist writer and poet, and she does discuss feminism to degrees in this book. It's probably not the best recommendation for what you're looking for, but maybe it'll pique your interest nevertheless.

0 · September 12, 2010

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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S.C.U.M Manifesto

the Society for Cutting Up Men

0 · October 11, 2010

Danielle W

Danielle W.

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Andrea Dworkin's Pornography: Men Possessing Women

0 · October 25, 2010

Selina M

Selina M.

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try margaret atwood's 'a handmaid's tale.' quite an interesting one

1 · September 22, 2013

Amanda Carroll

Amanda C.

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I could get mocked for this choice. However, it is sort of a classic given to many college students when first entering many ws courses and it's good for someone new to learning about feminism. It gives s summary of feminism and a depiction of feminists from a feminist author. It's not a text book so don't fear. Title; Feminism is for Everybody, author bell hooks. Another good one is called Watching Rape it provides an analysis of the depiction of rape in contemporary media and why it is portrayed in such a way (not exactly an easy read, but it's not meant to be casual).

0 · September 22, 2013

Laura G

Laura G.


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How have you only been a feminist for a year? Did you join a special club or something? Did you not care about equality previously?

0 · January 19, 2014

Laura G

Laura G.


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The number 1 book has to be The Female Eunuch

0 · January 19, 2014

Raissa Palacios

Raissa P.

United States

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Anything by bell hooks.

0 · January 19, 2014




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not sure if itès been mentioned, but a huge chunk of Atwoods poetry hits the nail on the head

0 · March 22, 2015


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