Your controversial or secret fashion opinions....

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United Kingdom

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Just throw it out there. No arguments. No justification.

I'll get it started......

I think that Karl Lagerfeld's way of dressing looks ridiculous.

over 12 years ago

Jav L

Jav L.

United States

23 posts

Despise monogrammed bags/accessories.

0 · August 13, 2009

Chelsea A

Chelsea A.


86 posts

Hate the word 'clone'.
coloured stovepipes are generally revolting,
sneakers are meant for athletics and nothing else,
cartier 'high jewellery' is generally too obnoxious for me,
i love fashion but really don't care all that much whether or not everybody is crazy original - trying hard to be innovative and different and the next best thing gets boring fairly quickly.
flip-flops drive me absolutely insane
PUMA and BABY PHAT are revolting,
yoga pants are meant for yoga.
hoodies drive me crazy.
Coach bags are ridiculous in a bad way.
fingers crossed that Crocs really does go bankrupt.
camoflauge should not be worn outside of the military, period. no exceptions. not even halloween.
bikinis? no thanks.
but i'm not one to tell others how to dress. wear what you want, it's your wardrobe.

0 · August 13, 2009

Chelsea A

Chelsea A.


86 posts

i'm also loving lookbook a lot less

0 · August 13, 2009

Viki Cheung

Viki C.

United Kingdom

1686 posts

paul's boutique bags
paul's boutique in general

primark's new pricing is ridiculous

0 · August 19, 2009

Sophie Leigh D

Sophie Leigh D.

United Kingdom

2132 posts

topshop is evil
it makes me buy things that are cheaper somewhere else
all because its displayed nicer ¬¬

0 · August 19, 2009

Sarah S

Sarah S.


1971 posts

I hate it when people with ginormous breasts and a huge ass wear like, a t-shirt and tights. Disgusting.

0 · August 20, 2009

Jordana Michelle

Jordana M.

United States

1 posts

i used to love urban outfitters... online. When I go to the actual store, i never find anything that i like, and it's just a waste of money.

0 · August 20, 2009

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


7596 posts

I hate Nazis, but they have impeccable taste.

Their uniforms were slick, their equipment modern, the bayonets for their rifles were designed at Bahaus. It all looked very Art Deco in nature, matching jackboots and field grey wool.

I still think National Socialists are twats, as are their idealogical progeny.

0 · August 20, 2009

Chloe A

Chloe A.

United States

3839 posts

I really really dig buffalo plaid, as well.

0 · August 21, 2009

Theresa C.

Theresa C.

United States

241 posts

i really like AA, even though i am aware that it is slightly overpriced for being so basic.
the one thing that i despise more than most are uggs. one of the dumbest things i've ever seen.. i was at the beach recently and saw a girl wearing a swimsuit and uggs. wth?

0 · August 21, 2009

Staci S.

Staci S.


252 posts

I really don't like leggings as pants.

I dislike neon, but i think Christopher Kanes first collection was brilliant.

I like some items juicy couture make (not the velour track suits... well maybe the ones that dont have juicy written on the back of the pants...FOR SPORTS AND PAJAMAS!) they're pretty good quality. and the flagship store in NYC is very cute.

0 · August 21, 2009

Jasmine J

Jasmine J.

United Kingdom

28 posts

@Emm ..


thank you

0 · August 22, 2009

Safira Nabila

Safira N.


38 posts

@Sharif R.

yeaa i agree, everything that diane makes is just amazing and fabulous

0 · August 22, 2009

Victoria Biggs

Victoria B.

United Kingdom

100 posts

I say no to neon.
I like anyone who dresses like an old woman, no idea why.
Topshop isn't that amazing, yet I constantly go in there.
Asos is such good quality, and has the best range of clothing compared to any other online store.
I like geek glasses but never got any because too many other people did so.
I love vintage shopping, but am fed up of feeling intimidated by the shop owners and have resorted to ebay.
I haven't worn jeans casually for over a year and continue to be amazed when people say they are comfortable.
Jeggings are the comfiest things i've ever worn.
Primark is like a jumble sale and turns me into a clothing snob.

0 · August 22, 2009

Gigi Coco

Gigi C.


32 posts

i hate jeans.

0 · August 26, 2009

Oliverio Perez

Oliverio P.

United States

455 posts

I'm obsessed with Hollister's cologne and spray it everywhere

0 · August 26, 2009


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