Name worst and best film you've seen

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Brittany Missik

Brittany M.

United States

53 posts

worst film for me would be "buried" unless you want to sit in front of a screen watching a man in a coffin for the entire movie be my guest
best would be the pianist my favorite movie of all time :) it takes you back to wwII but based more on how it effected the people in the ghetto, amazing its a must see

almost 9 years ago

Shaz Omg

Shaz O.

United Kingdom

1316 posts

Worst- Bride wars
Best- Drag me to hell, changelling, precious, shutter island

0 · January 21, 2011

Katie Rebecca

Katie R.

United Kingdom

86 posts

my all time favourite films are 'this is england', 'girl, interupted', 'shaun of the dead'

worst was that shit badly-made film about some immortal island with melissa joan hart in it. i think it was called 'whispers & lies'?

0 · March 3, 2011

Kate Rose Wilkes

Kate Rose W.

United Kingdom

17 posts

There are some really awful films, but i prefer to shout about the great ones. Shutter Island, The Notebook, Moulin Rouge, Inception. There are so many I could go on forever.

0 · March 28, 2011

Christiane D

Christiane D.


117 posts

Lovely bones, Dear John, Ponyo

0 · March 28, 2011

Alexe G

Alexe G.


1912 posts

Worst, A Wonderful Life (only movie in my life I wasn't able to finish ever) and best, The Shawshank Redemption, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, American Beauty, Zoolander and the first Pirates of the Carribean.

0 · March 28, 2011

Katarzyna T.

Katarzyna T.

United Kingdom

237 posts

the worst films ever, ever, ever - 23 and the room.

0 · March 29, 2011

Emily I. (▼ NY)

Emily I.

United States

162 posts

Worst - Reign of Fire. I WANT MY MONEY BACK THANKS.
Best - Sex and Lucia. Always my favorite.

0 · March 29, 2011

Eloise L.

Eloise L.

United States

158 posts

Worst- The Tourist.. there was completely no point in the film, although I love Johnny Depp.. it was just.. ugh.

Best- Chocolat.

0 · March 30, 2011

Nikki Morgan

Nikki M.

United Kingdom

29 posts

Erm the worst I always think of The Knowing purely because the ending is ridiculous! Seemed like it could be a good film and then that happens haha!

My favourite film has always been The Virgin Suicides, I love everything from the story to the characters to the cinematography and the soundtrack and the casting... its all just amazing and really underrated, not enough people have seen it. Go watch it now!

0 · April 3, 2011

Nikki Morgan

Nikki M.

United Kingdom

29 posts

@Shaz O.

yeah i thought shutter island was a really good film, i enjoyed it more than inception even though inception had joseph gordon- levitt, yum! haha

0 · April 3, 2011


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