(Non-Sexist OUTFITS) Boy Meets Girl/Girl Meets Boy Look.

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For many years and countless seasons boys and girls have been pushing the limits in many fashion stereotypes, one that has perticularly caught my attention is the "Boy meets girl look/Girl meets boy look".
I've seen countlesss fashion spreads, collections & models practicing this revolutionary concept.
Androgyny is now among the strongest concepts out there, it not only shows the diversity in the fashion industry but it also allows us to break the mold & experiment with new garments we would of never dream of wearing.
I recently bought my first pair of heels although I hate to call them that, they are 6 inch wedge boots. I absolutely love them, although they are somewhat difficult to walk in, I strut my thing across the chicago streets. I've even had boys come up to me and tell me how I've inspired them to buy some.
People aren't always enthusiastic about them though, I've had people laugh at me and call me names but these are people wearing sweat pants & uggs, fashion to them means looking ordinary somewhat even boring.
I don't pay attention to them, to them fashion means uggs, coach & macy's.
I'm now seeing a lot more boys in fur, wedges, platforms, some even in tailored quilts.
That is what fashion is about although it might be new to the "common" society, this concept has been around for decades, 70's punk, 80's glam, 90's goth, the famous "boyfriend-cut" jeans, & many more.
Weather its a girl in an oversized denim boyfriend button up, thights, combat boots & fohawk or a boy in fur, tighs, wedges & long hair. This concept inst going anywhere it may take some time for the public to digest it, but sure enough in a few years a new ground-breaking concept will arise and this will seem like nothing to them.

What do you guys think about this concept?

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That's hot.

0 · February 8, 2011

Milda S

Milda S.


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Hmm, guys in heels seems a little strange to me
But some of the other things you listed are awesome
I personally love guys clothes, I always steal my brothers' and dad's clothes

0 · February 9, 2011

Yoon Jae

Yoon J.

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I completly agree with you. The only people that insult my style dress horribly.
I think there isn't a barrier anymore on the "acceptable" dress code.
Boys wear girl clothes, girls wear boy clothes. People are starting not to care.
But in reality I never understood why people would care why someone else is wearing something, it's their buisness.

0 · February 19, 2011



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@Yoon J.


0 · March 10, 2011

Carolyn W

Carolyn W.

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Androgyny is sexy!

I have some boyish clothes, and legitimate clothes I did buy in the boys/mens section of stores. Anywhere from cargo shorts to plaid shirts, even a few pairs of men's shoes I could find small enough. I had a faux hawk for a bit last year at school, but my parents made me 'even out' my haircut a little more when I came home that summer :(

I give true props to the dudes who can pull off wedges. And walk in them! Most guys think heels and the like are an anamoly - they're not too bad. :] If we can wear men's clothes, I don't see why guys can't dip over the line to our side too.

0 · March 10, 2011


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