Dark Colors VS Bright Colors

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Sliced Bread

Sliced B.

Hong Kong

195 posts

I was wondering which you guys preferred (or is it a blend of both) and why?

It popped into my head because I LOVE dark murky colors: midnight blue, duck poo green (is the official term army green? idk), GREY and all that good stuff. Sure, I like SOME bright colors too (mainly yellow) but a lot of the time, I find them annoying. Dark colors just seem to call out to me from this wonderful, mellow, comforting sanctuary.

However, my mom (involved as she is) has a huge problem with dark colors. She often says it makes my face look like shit. And I do admit, when wearing my darker, murkier clothing items, my complexion does look rather... dim. So sadly, to serve my overwhelming desire to look attractive, I always try to shove in some bright colors near my face - be it in a necklace, a sliver of a tank top or my entire clothing ensemble.

Okay.. I kind of rambled. Anyway - what do you guys think?

almost 11 years ago

Kirsty Rose

Kirsty R.

United Kingdom

529 posts

i am a bright colour lover.. with the exception of grey and nude tones that always sneak in!

0 · July 21, 2009

Jane Doe

Jane D.

South Africa

448 posts

My wardrobe consists of lots of black,white, grey/silver, some blue and some red... I just love dark colors, my friends think that I have too much black clothing and should add some color to my look but I just feel more comfortable in darker colors!

0 · July 21, 2009

Amy B

Amy B.

United Kingdom

530 posts

i like darker colours. grey, black, navy etc. i just think it goes with more.
but sometims i wear a pop of colour, like a blue vest or red shoes.

i don't like all bright. it doesn't appeal to me

0 · July 21, 2009

Katrín Hammer

Katrín H.


1815 posts

I like mixing dark and bright colors together! I don't like being dressed in dark colors from head to toe.

0 · July 21, 2009


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