Do you delete your looks?

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Clove Bud

Clove B.

United States

803 posts

I was thinking about deleting like, 3 of mine. I deleted one already but I reposted it, and I kinda wanna delete it again hahaha.

Do you delete yours? Why/why not? How often?

over 7 years ago



United States

151 posts

haha yeah i deleted like 3 or 4 cause i didn´t get any hype and that´s a little sad hehehe and never reposted those looks

0 · October 6, 2011

Carolyn W

Carolyn W.

United States

1024 posts

I've deleted a few of my older ones a few days ago, looks that I liked then but don't like too much now (because I didn't like how I looked, or the clothes I chose, whatever reason).

0 · October 6, 2011

Megan McMinn

Megan M.

United Kingdom

283 posts

I have deleted some older looks from last year, on the basis that I quite simply no longer liked them.

0 · October 7, 2011

Christina W

Christina W.

United States

57 posts

I thought about deleting some of my older ones with 50 hype or so since my newer ones have about 150-200 to improve my average, but I would feel bad since people commented on the looks and hyped them or gave me their heart for the day... For now they'll remain up. :3 I don't care about my average that much and it's interesting to see what styles do well on the site and what don't.

0 · November 4, 2011

Hideki Ito

Hideki I.


188 posts

I deleted 6 looks and it was worth it hahahhaa

0 · November 7, 2011

King Leo

King L.


1624 posts

I deleted two in my years here because the pictures were shit.
But I haven't ever since...the thought of doing it again has been there but as of now I'll leave them there. haha

0 · November 21, 2011

Style Destino

Style D.


34 posts

I havent deleted them. I think even if you posted a look u dont like now there's no reason to delete. It shows how your style has evolved.

0 · November 22, 2011

Conner H.

Conner H.

United States

48 posts

I deleted one and I was thinking of deleting more because nobody ever hypes any of them... haha

0 · November 22, 2011

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

I might delete the old ones that I don't really like. I only posted them up to get more looks up. They have hardly any hype (well, I still don't get much but still...) so I suppose my average karma would go up.

0 · November 25, 2011

Kate P

Kate P.

United Kingdom

635 posts

Deleted all mine a long time ago. Just got bored of them and took more of an interest in the forums and looking at other people's looks, rather than posting my own.

0 · November 25, 2011

Mo Mo

Mo M.


280 posts

Yes, if the picture is bad quality, or I don't like the outfit anymore. I deleted one today because it was similar enough the new one I just posted, but I like the new one more. The old one was really bad quality, and I didn't like the pants and shoes I was wearing. I improved it, I think.

0 · January 4, 2012

Zahira O

Zahira O.


467 posts

i deleted my old looks because they don't have much hype (as in 1 or 2 hypes)

0 · January 4, 2012

Zee Wanderlust

Zee W.

United Kingdom

271 posts

ive deleted a few looks i posted when i first started. purely because they only got around 20hypes and i was posting arond 3looks a day so they got pushed to the back and didnt get enough exposer. so i reposted them later.

0 · January 4, 2012

Meisu ☆

Meisu ☆.


147 posts

I go on a deleting spree once in a while, where I delete all the looks I don't like no matter how much hypes it has. But I never repost them, because what would be the point of deleting it in the first time?

Deleting and reposting looks just to get more hype is IMO cheating...

0 · January 5, 2012

Saila Ren

Saila R.

United States

113 posts

I deleted two from October and November 2010 because I didn't start posting again until October 2011... I still avidly visited Lookbook, I just didn't post anything.

I felt like there was too large of a gap to be representative of how I came to dress. The two I posted in 2010 were rather different from the post-hiatus one I posted in 2011.

If there were different circumstances (e.g. the time gap wasn't too crazy, my style preferences didn't change so drastically, etc.), I probably would not have deleted them. I think seeing how I, or anyone, grow style-wise is quite interesting and I'd like a good laugh in a year or two.


0 · January 5, 2012

Katie Lee

Katie L.

United States

542 posts

I delete looks that I don't like or that never got hype.

0 · January 6, 2012

Meisu ☆

Meisu ☆.


147 posts

I jus checked, and there is 69 looks there. Sometimes it might take some time to load all the looks, so that might be the reason why you can't see all?

0 · January 8, 2012

Rach .

Rach ..

United Kingdom

129 posts

I do.
Definately. I realise I get quite critical. My friend is a photographer so when he shoots me I love the looks. Then when I do my own I end up comparing and hating the ones I did myself using my trusty timer and tripod hahah.
I think theres no shame in it really-- If you don't like your look, you have every right to delete it.

0 · March 1, 2012

☽blair ☾

☽blair ☾.

United States

1924 posts

I have a lookbook folder with all the pictures I've ever hyped incase people delete their looks

0 · March 1, 2012




75 posts

yes i think it seems something wrong in detail so i deleted= =but when i correct i will repost

0 · April 30, 2012

Anne Pinero

Anne P.


39 posts

@Meisu ☆.

and i think deleting and posting again is pointless too :))

0 · May 21, 2012

Cornelia S.

Cornelia S.


301 posts

I deleted some of my older ones because I thought they didn't fit into my gallery anymore and the quality was aweful :/ ^^

0 · May 21, 2012

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5711 posts

over the past year i went on a deleting spree. some of them weren't the best quality and 1 outfit was just so terrible i can't believe i wore it. i deleted close to or maybe more than 100. i won't delete anymore though, i think i'm done with that. it is strange to see how my style has evolved but some of my previous outfits were so bad, i'm glad to be rid of them. if you aren't happy with them, why not delete?

0 · February 15, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5711 posts

ok i went on another deleting spree after adding hashtags to every look. another maybe 100 outfits got nixed. what was i thinking with some of those?

0 · April 5, 2016

Chiara Giovanni

Chiara G.


11 posts

Yes, sometimes

0 · July 1, 2016


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