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Kay Smith

Kay S.

United Kingdom

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I bring this topic up as i think it would be interesting to know if people outside the UK have heard of this or even know about it.

It really angers me and other Cornish people when people do not know that Cornish is a different race and ethnicity to English, its like welsh and scottish and irish. We do not even speak English we speak Cornish!

I recently was in america and they had never heard of this ethnicity, and my research suggest that 2million Americans are of Cornish decent.

10 years ago

John Boy

John B.

United Kingdom

5 posts

OMG agree so much, Im half Cornish and always correct people when they call me English.

0 · October 10, 2011

Malo M

Malo M.


46 posts

Cornish pasties and cornish pixies are about all I know about Cornish. Although I do think part of my heritage is Cornish.. that's pretty awful :P

0 · October 11, 2011

Elle Elle

Elle E.


648 posts

I'm sick of being told I'm not Eurasian.

"But you can't be Eurasian, you're white."
If they annoy me I will point out something like: "But you can't be a real blonde because you have really dark roots."

0 · October 13, 2011

Daniel McDonagh

Daniel M.

United Kingdom

2487 posts

you're english.

1 · October 13, 2011

Rose S

Rose S.

United Kingdom

332 posts

Yes!! Cornwall has their own flag, their own language. And isn't Cornwall cut off from England by the river tamar?

0 · October 13, 2011

Sarah Pusteblume

Sarah P.


58 posts

I live in Germany and I've never been told stuff like this in school.. I hardly believe any of my friends did ever hear this word.. I did hear it 'cause I'm interested in the UK and other countries.. I think it's sad that in school only theory and unimportant facts are told but no one really learns what's going on in the world.. Not only the English course. It's the same with French, Spanish, Politics and so on..

0 · October 14, 2011

Eloise L.

Eloise L.

United States

158 posts

We were talking about the United Kingdom las year in geography and somebody mentioned that they had been to Cornwall but they didn't say it was another region/ethnicity. Wow, I really didn't know that

Though, I don't think it's that big of a deal (I always tell people that I'm half Georgian, and they tell me that Georgia is a state. It gets me frustrated and then I have to explain where it is and everything. It's... hmm, I guess below Russia though if you tell any Georgian that they're below Russia you'll probably get shot in the head.)

Well, it's nice that I learned something new today.

0 · October 16, 2011

Dallas Maguire

Dallas M.


45 posts

And that's why I love English people. Awesome people.

0 · December 1, 2011

Mara C

Mara C.

United States

4914 posts

"Race" is an incredibly superficial construction and makes little sense in this context. "Ethnicity" perhaps can be identified at more than just superficial levels, but it's still not a clean-cut measurement. Ethnicities flow into one another. Deal with it. You're black if you go back far enough.

0 · December 1, 2011

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

But Cornwall isn't a country. Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland are different countries and therefore different nationalities.

Cornwall is just another county. Yes I know it has its own language but that doesn't equate an ethnicity.

I believe it but it seems odd. Cornish people live in England. Their home country is England (not speaking in terms of United Kingdom/ Great Britain). Therefore they're English, surely?

2 · December 1, 2011

Lucy D

Lucy D.

United Kingdom

574 posts

I'm English and this is the first time I've ever heard of anyone from Cornwall categorising themselves as a different race or ethnicity!

0 · December 2, 2011

Viki Cheung

Viki C.

United Kingdom

1686 posts

i have to say that i've not heard of anyone stating they're cornish as opposed to english, and seeing as cornwall's still part of england i would say that they're english. this is interesting though. i'm at exeter's cornwall campus right now so i'm going to ask all the cornish students how they identify.

0 · December 6, 2011

Viki Cheung

Viki C.

United Kingdom

1686 posts

just to clarify that a third generation pakistani would be british, yes, but not english. i was born here so i'm british but i'm not english, i'm chinese.

0 · December 6, 2011

Dulcie H

Dulcie H.

United Kingdom

144 posts

yeahh but no one actually speaks cornish, and theres not actually an official thing saying they're different countries is there? there's just a river along the border...

1 · December 7, 2011

Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen

Kirstine Eibye E.


299 posts

I didn't knew Cornish even existed. Thanks for the information, I won't make that mistake again.

0 · December 8, 2011

Rita M

Rita M.


93 posts

@Rose S.

That doesnt really mean much, In Canada, Quebec province has their own flag (as does every province) and identifies more with the french language. But their governement is Canadian, and their currency is Canadian ext... It might be heritage or a culture, but from my understanding it isnt different than being english?

0 · January 18, 2012



United States

542 posts

Isn't Cornwall in England, though?

I mean, that's like someone calling me American and me saying "No, I'm a Hoosier (a resident of Indiana), you moron!"

1 · January 19, 2012

John Boy

John B.

United Kingdom

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No no, Cornwall is in England, BUT it is a different ethnic group of people, like in american, you
have hispanic, latino, native americans etc. In the UK there are different ethnic groups to such as English, Cornish, Manx, Welsh etc. open your eyes.

0 · January 19, 2012



United Kingdom

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@Sarah P.

Cornwall isnt its own country or more people would know it. There is a language associated with that area just as other areas in England have their own languages. Also, all "Cornish" people speak english, they may have some signs in the language of cornish but that is just for the tourists. These people that think cornwall is its own country are just being stupid and are clinging to straws that don't even exist.

Schools in cornwall do not teach cornish, no one knows it, no one speaks it.

I have lived in cornwall for 62 years (as has my family for about 10 generations), I think I know what I am talking about

0 · August 4, 2014

Martin Meyers

Martin M.

United States

4 posts

I usually go with british to be safe when I'm unsure :(

0 · August 6, 2014



United Kingdom

1 posts

I always believed Cornwall WAS a separate country like Wales & Scotland! However I know I'm definitely one of only a few. I don't think your title need the insult at the end however. Moron isn't appropriate, simply because someone doesn't actually know something doesn't define them as a moron so please, Cornish, Welsh, Scottish or whatever else, please respect other people. Courtesy costs nothing.

0 · December 11, 2014


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