What would be your dream career?

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Ashley M

Ashley M.

United Kingdom

115 posts

everyone has a different idea on a dream carrer.

my dream career is to be a model.. (its never going to happen but hey its a dream)
i study education so i am hoping to become a teacher.

what about you?

almost 8 years ago

Kaylee D

Kaylee D.

United States

136 posts

Either a diplomat to a Western European country or one of the travel tv show hosts like Samantha Brown :)

0 · October 30, 2011

Guy Rachtasaevee

Guy R.


24 posts

I love doing works with graphics and arts. I wanted to be a computer graphics and animation designer? But my real passion is to be someone who appears on the TV, a celebrity. I want to be an icon. This dream is, however, nearly impossible. I hope it's not impossible anyway. I am only fourteen and i guess i just want to be 'popular' hahahaha, everytime i think of it im SOOO happy :)

0 · October 30, 2011

Ashley M

Ashley M.

United Kingdom

115 posts

its always nice to dream :)
i want to be a model because it makes me feel happy when i post photos on here. i think this is the closest im going to get though really.

0 · October 30, 2011


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