Game of Thrones

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Ceci L

Ceci L.

United Kingdom

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(by George R. R. Martin.)

Who has read them?

I bought the first book for my dad last Christmas, because he's a huge Tolkien/fantasy fan and he was hooked. I never read them but I did dip in and out of the tv series. My dad has been pestering me to read them for ages! I was wondering if anyone else liked these books or this style?

over 7 years ago

Kate P

Kate P.

United Kingdom

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I've seen and liked the TV series. Might try the books sometime.

0 · November 8, 2011

Eleftheria L

Eleftheria L.

United Kingdom

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yeah i'm watching the tv series and it's really addictive! My boyfriend has read the books and he said they were really good so if you like that style you might aswell give them a go :)

0 · November 9, 2011

Chesca M

Chesca M.

United Kingdom

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The books are amazing!! I was really excited when the show came out and it didn't disappoint though I wasn't as in love with the show as my boyfriend was. Some of the characters/scenes seemed a bit awkward (I didn't like King Robert at all in the show).

0 · November 11, 2011

Christa U.

Christa U.


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I'm on the 3rd book, or well the second part of the 3rd book. :) The books are amazing though I get agitated when I think something life-changing is going to happen to important characters.

Liked the series, loved the books even more :D

0 · November 11, 2011

Kate P

Kate P.

United Kingdom

635 posts

Like I said I would, I've just started reading them. So far so good!

0 · November 25, 2011

Vikky Cortez

Vikky C.

United States

4 posts

I am in love with this series. I am not a huge fantasy fan, but these books really engaged me. I really recommend it. It really has a bit for everyone, from history references, to magic, to love.

I like to think I am a Martell.

0 · November 26, 2011

Isabelle D

Isabelle D.


275 posts

Loooove the books, and the show is awesome too.

0 · January 30, 2012

Luca Skadi O

Luca S.


304 posts

Just got the first book and I'm going to start reading it soon :) everybody says it's amazing so :)

0 · January 30, 2012

Ciara McC

Ciara M.

United Kingdom

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I just finished reading the first book :D the second book has arrived at my house but im waiting for 'A tale of tales' by david farland to arrive so i can read that first, after all i did order it last june so im gunna wanna read that first even if a game of thrones was amazing it'll just have to wait because i love david farlands wonderous creations more :P

0 · April 12, 2012

Julia O.

Julia O.

United States

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oh my god, LOVE.
i'm about a quarter way through the second book right now. i randomly heard of the HBO series and thank god the two-sentence description piqued my interest. i finished the entire first season in less than a week. definitely obsessed.

0 · April 14, 2012

Dorcas Good

Dorcas G.


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do both! the books are obviously broader and the series are brilliantly done, but i do suggest the books, that way u'll understand many tiny details that maybe passed unnoticed when you watched the show...

0 · April 15, 2012

Bitter Sweet

Bitter S.

Czech Republic

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I started with the TV series, then the 3rd season ended and I did not want to wait for the 4th, so I started reading the books (from the 1st book) and read the 5 books in 2-3 months, it totally caught me and I cannot wait to read the next one when it comes out. I also enjoy reading all the fan theories round the characters etc., some are very interesting, I do recommend it to you. There is one thing - I am affraid the ending would dissapoint me, but still hope it would not, we will see.

0 · November 4, 2013

Kristina M

Kristina M.

United Kingdom

82 posts

Big fan of fantasy over here ;)

0 · November 19, 2013


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