How to make bow tie?

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Arman Ramadhan

Arman R.


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everyone who knows how to make DIY bow tie, can you teach me how to make it?? I need it, muchas gracias C: :3

over 7 years ago

Katie Lee

Katie L.

United States

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I made my boyfriend a collection of bowties for Christmas using this tutorial right here.
It's pretty easy. I mean, you could even just make a bow, and use what are called pin backs in the back to secure it to clothing.

0 · December 18, 2011

Eddie Cossaboom

Eddie C.


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Oh, my heavens, no! :-) Lol! If you are making a bow tie for a child, then the tutorial on (linked above) may be sufficient... But if you actually want to look decent, there is no substitute for a self-tied tie. A pre-tied bow tie is the same as wearing a clip-on necktie -- they are both dreadfully tacky unless you are 10. (No offense meant at Katie whatsoever, though).

Here is a wonderful pattern that repurposes an old necktie and converts it into a bow tie. Very clever!

You're going to want a ruler, seam ripper, sewing machine, stiff cardboard for the pattern, steam iron, iron-on interfacing, and a small, metal bra slide (to make the tie adjustable).

Good luck! :-) Make sure you post your results.

0 · December 20, 2011

Alyssa Chaya

Alyssa C.

United States

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I used this tutorial: to make a bow tie for my winter formal date. You don't need advanced sewing skills for this and self explanatory.

0 · December 20, 2011

Arman Ramadhan

Arman R.


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thank you all, as soon as possible I'll post my result

0 · December 26, 2011

Juliën Amatkarijo

Juliën A.


105 posts

Great sites! Thanks a lo

0 · January 24, 2012

Zephyr Elf

Zephyr E.


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Bow Ties.

This is a super easy (sew free, if you want to use a hot glue gun) bow tie tutorial I shot, if you're interested :)

0 · January 27, 2012




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Where can i buy those bow ties ?
On a wedding i dicided to dress bow tie. I have a lnog time to search for it, finaly i found wide selection at the Kickstarter ( ), made from aluminim, wood, lether and cool design. Now i want one of them, but waiting for end of the project and for order itslef will take some time. Does anybody know where else i can get their products ? I liked aluminum made one !

0 · November 6, 2014

Bill Soulios

Bill S.


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Check Wooden Handcrafted Bow Ties!!!

0 · December 12, 2014


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