Small boobs!

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Julie J

Julie J.

United States

292 posts

i have super small boobs, i swear they arent even A's.
yup my body seemed to have skipped that phase of puberty... :/

sometimes they make me feel self concious....

does anyone have small boobs and like them?/ does anyone have big boobs and hate them?

or is there anything that makes them bigger? :p

12 years ago

Nathaniel Tan

Nathaniel T.


404 posts

From a normal male perspective, the slutty look is a good look.

0 · August 7, 2012

Susanna Vesna

Susanna V.

United Arab Emirates

504 posts

This topic is hilarious! :D Every one is beautiful! Don't get bummed by the "beauties" you see in magazines! Most of them are FAKE! This image of the "perfect boobs", which are round and stand up with no support is such bullshit! I'd rather have my originals, than live with some fake shit on my chest! Find someone who loves you for who you are and every day tells you that you are the most beautiful and he would not change anything in you!

0 · August 8, 2012

Monika M.

Monika M.


67 posts

In my opinion small boobs are amazing. I have cup D and this is not good as well. For instance while buing clothes - rest of my body fits size S and boobs... size L. :/

0 · August 12, 2012

Kim Anne C

Kim Anne C.


314 posts

I also have small bust. I'm a 32AA. I used to hate it but once I learned how to turn it to my advantage, I learned to love my small bust as well. Love your body, you're beautiful and boobs don't matter that much. ;)

0 · August 13, 2012

Sarah S.

Sarah S.

United States

82 posts

I have a small bust and I love it for the most part. Probably the only time I kind of feel self conscious is when I'm in a bathing suit.

0 · August 18, 2012

Nün Stannard

Nün S.


822 posts

im not just saying this coz i have small boobs, but i actually love them!!! i think you have more chances of looking hoochie or a bit skanky if you have big boobs and you don't dress right! if you have big boobs you really gotta make sure you dress a little more classy coz then it just looks bad!! but with small boobs, you can wear anything and it won't look hoochie!

and plus, i can't imagine playing sports/exercising/gyming with massive boobs!

0 · August 20, 2012


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