I had six demonic/paranormal dreams last night. What does it mean?

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Nicki D.

Nicki D.

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To give you all some background knowledge on my experiences with creepy dreams, a couple years ago I used to have this dream nearly every night where a huge black figure would pull be to the end of my bed. The creepy part is that in the dream, I'd be wearing the same pajamas I wore that night. Also, if the figure pulled me to the bottom right of my bed, for example, I'd wake up on the bottom right of the bed.

Last night, I fell asleep around 2 am. Each dream was probably about 5 minutes long, because I stopped having them around 2:30. Keep in mind that every dream took place in my bedroom. Dream #1: a cackling voice coming from an unknown body was giving me indeciprable orders and I tried to open my eyes to wake myself, but couldn't. All I'd see was whiteness. In the second dream, I hear little children off in the distance laughing, and I got the sense they were running from something. I thought at first that they were ouside my house, but then I realized it was past 2 am and that's when I realized I had to wake up. But again, I could't open my eyes and when I tried, only whiteness met me in my dreams. The third dream consisted of several voices mumbling jumbled thoughts I couldn't make out. It sounded like they were all around me. Again, I couldn't wake up and when I tried, only blackness met my eyes. In the fourth dream, I had this stronge sense that I needed to get out of my room. I raced to my door, feeling like I was treading through water. I reached my door, trying to get to my mom's room for safety, but all that met me was blackness. The hallway and my mom's room were gone. Then I woke up. In the fifth dream, a boy probably a little younger than me was rocking on this rocking horse in the center of myroom, laughing as if he was mocking me. He wouldn't stop and again I tried to open my eyes, but couldn't. The sixth and final dream was by far the freakiest. This time I wasn't in my room, but when I tried to open my eyes to wake up, all I saw was blackness and static, like on a television when it's not working. Then my own face, red and twisted in a demonic-like way before my eyes sneered, "I worship the god of the devil." Wtf does that even mean? Then, I woke up, my heart racing. I swear on my life and swear on all of my dead relatives' graves that all of this is true.

Does anyone have any clue what this means? Has anyone else had similar dreams and what happened to you? Did you resolve them? Do you still have them? Share your stories and insight!

7 years ago

Chris Fox

Chris F.

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AHHHHH. The first sentence gave me a mental image that literally made me shiver... All I could picture was a figure like the dremora.

Well, I'm no expert. But from a psychological perspective, this would suggest that you might be feeling some intense anxiety/stress about something in your waking life. Although I can only assume, since you hadn't shared anything that you've been thinking lately.

The dreams seem to play off some very basic fears (fear of the devil, fear of uncertainty). The children running, and your running to the hallway, definitely seem like a manifestation of direct fears, since both are such active images. All the images of static, or blankness, or darkness, or whiteness are all the images of uncertainty. But it can also represent a lack of control. Are there any situations in your life that are stressing you out that feel out of your control, or unclear?

The direct dreams seem to be the most vivid. You run to the hallway for mom, and mom isn't there. That could be the fear of lack of safety and security; you might fear that whatever troubles you in real life is compromising your security, where not even your mom, or you, can help you. This last dream, where it's like, an evil version of you saying you worship the devil is fairly simple imagery. It might represent an anxiety toward yourself, as well as toward the issue. Maybe, somehow, you're unhappy with yourself? This is all completely guesswork, but maybe it has religious connotation because you, yourself, are somewhat religious. I know pretty much once a day you've been having some sort of theological commentary, at least here on LB. If you talk about God and religion a lot in your waking life, that's definitely going to imbue your subconscious with theological imagery.

Again, I'm no psychologist, and I have no idea what your personal life is like. But these might be some psychological interpretations. Just kinda think to yourself what's stressing you out, lately. Our fears, anxieties, and stressers are usually the sources of our dreams and nightmares.

0 · January 28, 2012

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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Nightmares, when dreams turn into all dreams/DMT trips there are usually messages encoded in them.

Deus Ex Et Diablo, Diablo Ex Et Deus....sounds like the natural supply of DMT contained within your pineal gland is fucking with you.

What ever you do, don't sleep with an Ouija board under your pillow....that would make for even more fucked up dreams.

0 · January 29, 2012

Rose Callahan

Rose C.

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Oh, I've had this happen, and it's absolutely terrifying. Other than all the psych analysis that Chris did, there could be physical reasons for it too - especially anything that threw off your normal routine. Such as: not enough food, not enough or too much caffeine, and especially dehydration!

If it wasn't any of those things, I've only ever had bad dreams like this when I've been really worried about something, or about to make a huge wrong decision in my life. The stress does mess with melatonin levels in your brain - that's your main sleep hormone - and can be awful. Maybe time for some life evaluating?

0 · January 29, 2012

Omni Dimensional

Omni D.

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To quote on what ellis d said about DMT, dmt is naturally occurring in every living organism, it is produced when you sleep and when you are dieing. I believe it is a mechanism for your body when you die because if you look at your body as a vessel and you are a conscious being, dieing and leaving your vessel is a huge transition from being physically bound to not. Now on to your dreams, if we knew more about what is going on in your personal life or anything else it would be easier to determine what it is that is causing your lucid dreaming. When you are asleep and enter REM, you pretty much are tripping out, and that is from DMT. It is produced from your pineal gland, and many other compounds are produced from this gland, like psilocybin, which is an active chemical in psilsocybe cubensis and other "magic mushrooms". When you eat mushrooms or take DMT, if you have "skeletons in your closet" the chemicals can really fuck with you, but they are natural and bring out everything you may try to suppress on a day to day basis. Also when you dream the part of your brain that is active is your subconscious. There may be something in your life that is causing your subconscious to manifest them in your dreams. It can be from anything. What you eat, what you watch on t.v, anything. It could also be from over stimulation of other parts of your brain. If you could give us some more details that would help :) I also have very lucid dreams. I hate them. I haven't been dreaming too much lately because I have been getting up early, exhausting myself, then sleeping a full 8-10 hours. But when I don't get much sleep, they become more lucid and detailed and pretty disturbing, which causes me to wake up all through out the night and get less sleep. Maybe you need to sleep more? Who knows. I also believe that when you sleep, you may actually leave your body and go to other dimensions. You may be experiencing parallel universes in your dreams and the beings you come in contact with could be extra dimensional, and could possibly be messing with you. That may sound weird, but who's to say it can't be possible? That is where DMT comes more into the picture. You should try writing down all of your dreams right when you wake up, and maybe address anything that may be going on in your personal life that may not be very desirable for you.

0 · February 16, 2012

Sebastian Nilsson

Sebastian N.


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Are you sure that you did not take any shrooms at the night of these events?

0 · February 16, 2012

Helen C

Helen C.

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Dropping any superstitious beliefs you have might help. It's wonderful not having to worry that dark forces in the universe are conspiring against you.

0 · February 18, 2012

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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Did your dream sound anything like this?

Why can I not sleep?
Why am I turning?
Why are all the trees burning?
Forest fires, crooked liars,
Why am I so sullen and drained?

In the bush, it's raining,
Lost man on his own,
Has anyone thought to save him?

The monkey is waiting in the tree
Counts to three
Hearing the sound of the fume-fuelled wagon
He leaps on the back...
Attack! Attack! Attack!
No old heathen, not today.

The rain falls upon the acidic trees of the millennium scorn
The fire has vanished, leaving behind a trail of death for all to see.
The birds & the trees, then you & me
Lay twitching on the forest floor.
The yeti is waiting for us to take us into his home,
Care for us just like one of his own.

Wild bones!
Wild bones!

Wait! The yeti no longer has a home
The trees are gone & nothing has grown.
A table, a chair, an internet nightmare,
When will the forest speak?
When all is dried up and way too weak?

Wait for nightfall, it's so beautiful out here.
Up high in a wave of oxygen love I sit,
Up high on this glorified cement postcard I spit.
I spit, I spit upon thee.

Wait for your red skies,
Wait for the red skies,
Do you know how it feels to be alive?
Let me know, let me know how you feel...
When will the forest speak?
When all is dried up and way too weak?

Wasting a life on calculations,
Not enough money for operations,
Waste of life, statistics, plastic soldiers
Sound of sticks rubbing together.
All the people gather...All The People Gather

Wait for the man, he must have a plan,
Show me and make me a smile I can wear.
Me & you we can make up too,
No use for hate if you're wearing my shoes.

Be happy, be sad, be a wild rotten lamb,
Don't bother me now, I'm drenched to the bone.

A sound of a truck and an axe and a fall
Of a tree and a life and a planet so small
Sick to the bone of your dull heart of stone...stone...stone...stone....
sick to the bone of your dull heart of stone
Let me know how you feel...

You say it's too hot so you can take off your top
A clank of a slot machine, coins bled unclean.

A beaten old lizard staggers over the road,
A hand and a heart, the lake in the park,
The candle won't light and the fire won't spark.

I'm worn and I'm torn but I still carry on.
I'm worn and I'm torn but I still carry on.
The money is angry, the money has taken the...

Watching mayhem leaping from truck to truck,
This is where he rejoins his friends.
They feast, they drink, they talk about
How things used to be...

I still can't sleep.
I still can't sleep.
I still can't sleep.

A million minds and a million voices
A million thoughts, and only one choice.
The need to find peace.

0 · February 21, 2012

Tímea C

Tímea C.


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maybe you´re a psychic medium or your house is haunted....

0 · March 4, 2012

Amy Stone

Amy S.

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0 · September 4, 2014



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Psychology professor at my university has told me that currently, dreams have no meaning to them. Chris and Rosa are correct in my opinion. Of course, their analysis of your symptoms are concluded through very little information. Definitely ask any people you may know in the real world that have some credibility in the fields of psychology and dark arts.

Sleep paralysis could also be a reason for your dreams. If you keep falling asleep with your arms on top of your chest you wake up hallucinating. check it out, very freaky stuff.

0 · September 4, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

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i had a dream recently where it included my friend's mum's silly airdale terrier chasing a vatican guard up a tree. pretty sure this doesn't mean i'll get to visit italy any time soon though

0 · October 30, 2014


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