How do you come up with outfits?

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Ali Stones

Ali S.

United States

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I am kinda stuck in a fashion rut right now. I have no money to buy new clothes, so I am left to work with what I already have. Which is fine! I just can't seem to think of any outfits to put together.

How do you style your outfits, and what inspires you to put them together in a certain way? Any tips for "fashionista's block"?

over 9 years ago

Stephy C.

Stephy C.


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listen to music put it on max and relax, dont force it. clean your room try to match by color or simply dont even match and something fun will come out of it!

0 · June 13, 2012

Justin Buenagua

Justin B.


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me too... don't have any extra money to buy some shirts.. stuck with a pair of 4 pants only.. it's just a matter of mixing and matching and being playful... :)

0 · June 28, 2012

Ela P

Ela P.


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haha I do the same :D. But it's not always a good idea because sometimes when I should sleep early and I start to make some outfits, my brain starts working "too hard" and I can't sleep :p. I also match clothes but do it on me. Wearing clothes and looking at the mirror is the better way than just matching them on a bed etc.

0 · June 28, 2012

Max. G

Max. G.


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I open up my closet and then put the music on, I often start with the same outfits and then I try on other jackets, then add accessories...etc. Basically, I kinda take the things as they come and it often works! And when I'm alone, I dare to try new combinations that may not match very well and I sometimes end up with a wonderful outfit I would never have dared to think of. If it doesn't work, you should simply look at everything you have in your closet and mentally imagine what could fit and also what you have never done before, this is how you can re-discover the clothes you own.

0 · June 28, 2012

Lara K

Lara K.


232 posts

@Ela P.

Hahaha I have exactly the same problem!

I think to fix the rut you need try and learn to mix the craziest things together. Wake up a little earlier in the mornings to just try things on. Match them by colour, by the type of shape they have on you, or by pattern. Try the craziest combinations and don't be afraid to layer like crazy (unless it's boiling outside). This tends to be only thing that gets me out of the rut anyway, buying things don't help much.

0 · July 6, 2012


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