How would you style this dress?

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Lauren S.

Lauren S.

United States

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i bought this dress from topshop a little while ago and i'm still not sure how to wear it. it looks good alone, but just wondering how you would style it?:)

over 9 years ago

Nicole Wong

Nicole W.


65 posts

go wild with accessories!! 8D orr wear it with high cut boots, sunnies and a floppy hat

0 · June 18, 2012

Jessica Luxe

Jessica L.


1100 posts

Oh god, anything.
For me, probably a collar necklace and a belt with a crochet vest and statement wedges.

0 · June 20, 2012

Kristian S

Kristian S.

United States

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A white dress seems like a staple that could go with anything.

I'd love to see it with a hat (especially a boat or other summer hat). Or you could wear it with colorful shoes and/or belt. Try tying a a button up short over it (maybe a striped one?), or try a shrug or cardigan.

Have fun with your new purchase.

0 · June 25, 2012

Amber Kaz

Amber K.

United States

34 posts

Try some really tall black boots and black statement jewelry! Maybe do a topknot bun to show the dress off a little more.

0 · June 25, 2012

Monita Sitanggang

Monita S.


53 posts

it will looks more cool if you pair it with neon blazer, belt and add some accessories

0 · June 26, 2012

Justin Buenagua

Justin B.


86 posts

go for a bold necklace... something contrast to the color of the dress.. just be playful! :D

0 · June 28, 2012

Lara K

Lara K.


232 posts

You could do anything with this dress, just depends on your mood!
It'd be lovely to see it with a 70's sort of theme, big floppy hat, big amber glasses, wedges and some cool accessories.
You can even make it a bit grungier with some patterned tights or long socks, leather jacket and heaps of necklaces and eyeliner.
For a girlier, Alice-in-wonderland type look you could wear long light colored socks, a sky blue belt and white shirt with cute sleeves inside it.

0 · July 6, 2012


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