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Max. G

Max. G.


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I've sought all around the Cowboy boots topics in here and it seems that no one is devoted to men fashion.
Thus I would love to know your opinion about cowboy boots for men.
I'm talking about those worn over the pants, the fully visible ones.
Personnally, I've been hating them for years but now I finally think they are OK and may even turn wonderful on a man. However, I'm not talking about the tacky ones or the overly embroidered ones, just plain cowboy boots (for instance, or
I really want to know your opinion because I came upon a nice and cheap (but not tacky) pair of boots and I decided to try them on, which was the frist time I "dared" to, and it turned out that they fit me, (or I least I thought they did!).
Although I usually don't care about people's judgments, this time is a bit different because I never "took the plunge", you know what I mean.. I feel like it's something very different from what I'm used to wearing thus I'm kinda afraid...
It's a shame I didn't think of taking a photo of them! But overall, I'd like to be said whether it's really something strange and "striking" to wear cowboy boots for a man in a city. Of course, if I worn such a pair of boots, I wouldn't add cowboy-inspired accessories or clothes (such as plain shirt, large hat...etc).

Thanks a lot for your advices!

over 9 years ago

Cowboy Fan

Cowboy F.

Heard Island and McDonald Islands

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Interesting question. I know that many guys have the same thoughts. I had, too. It's always a special buzz to wear cowboy boots, because of the shape, the feeling and the way they make you walk. People ALWAYS watch them. Some like them, others hate them. Most just admire them in a jealous way.

I do wear them regularly and get a lot of positive comments. Sometimes I look like a cowboy, but I prefer wearing them with stylish outfits.

Don't buy a cheap no-name pair of boots. You should look out for brands like Sendra, Tony Mora, Rancho or Mexicana. If you're confident enough, go with current trends and get a pair of high heeled cowby boots like those: ... but wear the bootleg on top of tight jeans!

0 · June 29, 2012

Max. G

Max. G.


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@Cowboy F.

Thank you for responding!
I guess you're right ; many people would stare at them but I think I wouldn't care.

You should post your own looks with your boots on so that we can all get inspired by them! Not so many people here use them in their looks, it may make the trend grow bigger!

Though I'm sure that where I'm living (France) it's not likely to be something widespread and popular but I guess that I will dare to wear them one day.

I know that a cheap pair is never a great deal but I really can't afford something branded. However, for sure I will buy some when I can afford to, but for the moment I don't want something mid-range and I'd rather wait or buy a mere pair that isn't branded, even if I'm not 100% satisfied with it. And considering the fact that I might regret, I'd rather get something not too expensive!

Hope I'll get some more feedbacks on that point!

0 · July 1, 2012

Martin Skinner

Martin S.


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It all depends on the way you wear your boots. I really like those looks (quite different, but the boots are always the eyecatcher):

I would not buy any no name boots. If you can't afford any brands, try to find a pair of used boots on ebay. Cowboy has already named some great brands in his post.

0 · July 2, 2012

Max. G

Max. G.


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Different advices always help :)!
I've already considered beginning with non-cowboy boots that still have their shape but unfortunately didn't find really nice stuffs.
I've been trying hard to find some pictures of cowboy boots worn in fashion shows... but from what I remember (I used to skip the cowboy looks), these boots can be worn in a stylish way. I hope I will find some that fit me and make it possible to pull them off. I'm pretty sure that if the boots are nicely matched with the outfit, it won't look too eye-catching ;)

0 · July 2, 2012

King Leo

King L.


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I don't think they look bad at all on girls or guys as long as they don't make it look too "today I'll be a cowboy", like you explained.

If you can think of at least 2 or 3 outfits you can wear them with and an at least 1 regular occasion you could wear them to and make them your own I say go for it, rock them and make everyone jealous.

If you can't think of any outfits you could make with your current clothes or a day or occasion you could wear them, then as much as they fit you maybe it's not such a great idea.
I'm telling you this over a hat I liked and fitted but I never wore, it ended up collecting dust...the poor thing.

0 · July 2, 2012

Max. G

Max. G.


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@King L.

Thank you for your advice Christopher!
I'll try to think about some outfits that could fit and thereafter look for a pair I'm certain to know how to pull off. Hope I will manage to! I wouldn't want it to end up like your hat! You should really keep on trying to find a way to wear it :)!

0 · July 3, 2012

Max. G

Max. G.


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Thank you all for your advices. I just wanted to tell you that I've made up my mind in the meantime and finally decided to buy that pair of boot I had seen and for the moment I'm satisfied with it. Still haven't worn them because the weather is too hot but they go with almost everything I have in my closet. If I don't regret later, I will consider buying some branded boots, to enjoy quality.

0 · July 10, 2012


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