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Cynthia R

Cynthia R.

United States

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I noticed a lot of blogs that have some nice outfits, yes...but when the writing is absolutely atrocious, it completely turns me off. I'm sorry, but if you are going to mark yourself as a blogger - at least have the decency to use spell check...or read over your sentences to see if they make sense. Nothing irks me more than seeing mistakes on blogs. Good writing is hard to come by, but I pride my blog mostly off my writing, as well as fashion.

Check out my latest post here, and let me know what you think:

*Please post your blog posts of which you're proud of your writing!* xo

over 7 years ago

Jessie Raisa

Jessie R.

United States

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I'm posting because I absolutely agree (and I do this, hoping my writing style [especially in the quickie posts] is not crucified]). There are two ilks of blog writing styles I adore: 1) A la Rumi Neely, where it is so laxed, improper (as if speaking), but dotted with uniquely used words, intelligent.. 2) Also, intelligent, but more professional, like Ivania Carpio.

Your favorite fashion blogger writers? It's important to be able to articulate your stylings and opinions, methinks.. *like, um, so, yeah, right?* ... ...

te amo,

0 · July 17, 2012

Dulcie H

Dulcie H.

United Kingdom

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I completely agree but I think that sometimes it is so tempting to churn out rubbish just to get a post out quickly... I think what is important is to find your own style of writing, something I haven't done yet!

For example there sometimes I have more chatty posts, using loads of colloquial language like this:
Or slightly more intelligent sounding posts like this:
I need feedback!! Ha ha :0

Cynthia, I love your new post, you use language really cleverly, it's interesting and like reading a magazine...

0 · July 18, 2012

Cynthia R

Cynthia R.

United States

177 posts

@Jessie R.


my favorite fashion blog writer is the lovely Man Repeller.. so out there and clever!

jessie, i love your layout as well as your writing. very nice blog all together! i just followed it

0 · July 19, 2012

Cynthia R

Cynthia R.

United States

177 posts

@Khrizel A.

sharing an opinion is always appreciated! that's what i love about blogs..there are so many different views out there, and it's a great way to express ourselves.
but i'm talking about bloggers who actually put their heart and soul into it who actually have made a career out of it... i'm thinking of one in particular who has some good ideas but cant articulate their words at all :( haha it makes me feel so bad and takes away from their hard work!

i'm all for blogs who don't have a constant stream of thought and posts more photos than text, they work really well in my opinion!

ps - your blog is awesome! i just followed it also :)

0 · July 19, 2012

Skye B

Skye B.

United Kingdom

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I run this blog with my friend although her posts are a little different to mine. I tried to put a theme into my writing this time but i'm not sure if it's worked to be honest..

0 · July 30, 2012

Peter D.

Peter D.


282 posts

Im ready for critic

Im a bit confident with my writing although my previous blog posts are a bit shabby since I dont edit my posts if I publish them (funny thing is I dont proofread! oh my)

0 · May 25, 2013

Ally Carey

Ally C.


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I wholeheartedly agree. Fashion blogs are so similar, so you really need a "voice" to separate you from the sea of blogs.

It's all well and good to say you think an item is comfortable and you love an item, but chances are 100,000, 000+ blogs just quoted the same thing.


0 · August 7, 2013


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