Do You Think You Need Money To Look Good?

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Amelia Storme

Amelia S.

United Kingdom

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I'm curious as to how much a lot of people on here spend on clothes.

I've been penniless for over a year, despite that I think my style has gotten better as I've had to find really unusual ways to buy clothes.

I've bought whole boxes of vintage clothes at auctions for less than £10.
I got to charity shops and don't think I've ever spent more than a fiver there on one item of clothing.

On my budget though even that's an occasional treat. Soon when I start college (and hopefully get a part time job) I'll have a little more money. I'm definitely sticking to my low budget creative shopping habits but think my style will improve so much with actually having money to get some more interesting clothes. Having a little bit of money definitely gives you more freedom to try new things!!


How much money do you spend on clothes?
Do you think having more money means you dress better?
If you could spend as much as you wanted on clothes how much do you think you'd spend?

almost 7 years ago

Olivia A

Olivia A.

United Kingdom

10 posts

I think you obviously need SOME money to get ahold of clothes/makeup/hair products etc to look good but you definitely don't need to be spending tons on designer and big names.

3 · February 29, 2016



United States

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You'd be amazed at what you can find tucked away in thrift stores. I've dropped a couple dollars on blazers worth $300. I don't believe for a second that you need to break the bank to look great.

1 · March 11, 2016

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

I think it depends on situation. If you don't have a lot of money, you definitely can look gorgeous and otherwise, and if you are rich, you may not have a good taste for fashion and otherwise. But overall, no, you don't need money to look good.

2 · March 12, 2016

April Willis

April W.

United Kingdom

5 posts

I actually get a surprisingly large amount of clothes from other people! My sister and mother tend to have clothes that they were hoping to slim down into or I could get away with wearing oversized, my friend has given me jackets and shoes she doesn't wear and my sister's friend often sends stuff over.

Things they give me are sometimes not my sort of style so I try them out and start creating new outfits I wouldn't have thought of before, so it's great :)
I also go to charity shops and car boot sales and have found some gorgeous items! You don't need a lot of money at all to look good, especially when you can buy a Per Una skirt new with tags on from a charity shop for £1 (just one example of an awesome find I got).

You learn to be able to rock whatever and try new things when limited on money anyway, so in some ways it can be more interesting x

0 · April 14, 2016

Jane V.I.

Jane V.


8 posts

I think that you don't need to have a lot of money to look good. Prices in my country contain hundreds and hundreds percents that dishonest retailers puts into their pockets. So I prefer to buy clothes and shoes via Internet, directly from manufacturer. Local stores are full of the same clothes of different quality which can be even worse than from Chinese internet stores. "If you could spend as much as you wanted on clothes how much do you think you'd spend" - Oh, I practically ran out of free space in my wardrobes so I can not buy a lot more! =^_^=

0 · April 15, 2016

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

427 posts

It depends on what style you are going for.

0 · April 27, 2016

ShinyBoy JM

ShinyBoy JM

United States

16 posts

Money to look good? Depends on what kind of look you're going for and how you wanna dress and the name brands you wanna buy and which fashion designer you wanna buy from!

0 · April 30, 2016

John Marine

John M.

United States

5 posts

No matter how much money you spend on clothing, your overall beauty and overall appeal is priceless. Do you NEED to spend a lot and only be fixated on the big-name brands? Absolutely not. You may not get as much recognition with no-name brands or any number of knockoffs, but the most important thing is looking and feeling great in what you wear. Never have I praised any fashionable person for going with big-name brands or the newest clothes. People dress to their heart's content and don't usually need to always go with the big names and the popular trends. Heck- some people even make their own clothes or modify certain clothes.

No amount of money should dictate or substitute style.

0 · May 18, 2016

Kyris Kat

Kyris K.

United States

8 posts

Yes and no.

Of course it's necessary to invest some in your look. But you can find thrifty and cheaper alternatives like mentioned.

Having more money is definitely a nice thing as you things you really want and it might be perfect for a certain outfit. But also having a surplus of clothes can make you lazy about planning outfits and less creative just by having too many options so your more likely to settle for less interesting outfits or ones you already like.

So basically I think it's more about finding cheaper alternatives or buying things you really want.

0 · May 18, 2016

Ella Hyden

Ella H.


20 posts

It depends what you want in real. If you wanna show off then go ahead and spend lots on these.

If you are happy what you buy then you will definitely look fab on your chosen stuff.

Money is not matters on your look. You can look without any beauty stuff and branded clothes.

0 · August 18, 2016

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


27 posts

well, of course you need money. no money - you can not do anything. some shops require not so much money than others) for example, my favorite

0 · October 23, 2017



United States

87 posts

Absolutely not. I seldom pay full price for my clothes because I simply don't have too. I'm always catching sales and bargains, with consignment sprinkled in. Too many people spend beyond their means, especially on clothes, going after labels instead of looks.

0 · December 27, 2017

#64 Tag Your Outfits - Get Paid T.

United States

3 posts

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0 · February 26, 2019

Isabella Davis

Isabella D.

United States

2 posts

50/50. Of course we need money to spend for clothes and stuffs, BUT, we don't need to spend a lot to look fab. I personally mixed and match everything on my closet and on my make up table. In that way, I still look fab and new everyday. No need to dig a hole on your pocket for such stuffs that actually you can re-use and re-cycle. haha

0 · March 4, 2019

Amelia Jones

Amelia J.


6 posts

I definitely think you need money to look good. I mean look at all the celebrities when they were not famous lol. They looked like average people but after getting famous and earning money, they invest on themselves and transform their looks. I was surfing the web a couple of weeks ago to find the perfect leather jacket but i couldn't buy one because they were all very expensive. If i weren't broke, i would have gotten that jacket by now but i guess i have to wait another 6 months and save money. So yeah! You need money to look good.

0 · 2 days ago


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