How has your personal style evolved, and your predictions

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Olive Kimoto

Olive K.

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Freshman year I had this kind of boho, native american, beachy, natural, style I guess is the best way to describe it. My favorite store was Free People.

At the end of the year I was more of an anthropologie-ish kind of style.

I'm now a sophmore, and lately I've been more of a vintage, classy style, like lots of vintage (obv), lace, pearls, gold, florals, etc.

I think in a year or two I'll have a more edgy style, maybe like Olivia L here on lookbook. Or maybe something more modern and clean cut.

How has your personal style evolved? What do you think your style will be like later on?

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Nissi .

Nissi ..

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Middle School- I was Obese so I wore sweatpants and over sized T Shirts
Freshman Year- I lost the flab and began dressing in very black clothing I was into the whole band tee craze
End of Freshman Year into Sophmore year- I'm more into florals, cardigans, blazers, skinny jeans, flats, Jean Jackets and such.

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Olive Kimoto

Olive K.

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Haha, I went through a hollister phrase in middle school too, I'm sad to admit it though :(

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Catherine E.

Catherine E.

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I'm probably going to write like an essay... here it goes!

Throughout middle school, I basically wore whatever. Usually I strayed away from the whole Hollister/Abercrombie stuff, but if I saw something from there that I liked I'd buy it. In eighth grade I went through a phase that easily could have lead to dressing "scene," but fortunately I realized it was weird so I put down the eyeliner.

Ninth grade was kinda boring in terms of what I wore. Not awful, but I wore three pairs of shoes - plain black flats, plain black boots, and plain Converse sneakers. But this was the first time in years I bought and wore dresses!

During sophmore year I basically wore what I would wear on "good" days during freshman year... a cardigan, vneck, jeans and flats became my default go-to outfit. But then other days I wore different outfits with some inspiration behind them. I collected a few more pairs of shoes... if that says anything. This was sparked by finding websites like Lookbook during the summer before this year and Chictopia in November of this year.

Now I'm in my junior year! My style is still evolving. I'll probably wear either or both pairs of comfy heels I now own next week (the weather this week was crummy). But if I could describe my style, I'd say it's very simple and understated. However, it brings in trends every once in a while, but it's not all over the place or messy. I'm content with it, but I know there's always room for improvement! :D

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Erick M.

Erick M.

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Middle school - abercrombie and other such mistakes that were popular at the time

High school - still not really that interested in fashion, wore lots of band t shirts, khaki shorts, but at least i abandoned the abercrombie type stuff

freshman year of college - wore mostly button-down shirts, started getting into nicer jeans

sophomore year is when i really started transitioning towards my current style. I've slowly gone into slimmer jean cuts and last year finally got my first pair of skinny jeans, and I'm more interested in urban outfitters type stuff and vintage. i've also found my love of fashion hats.

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Sami Kelsh

Sami K.


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middle school - old goth. as i recall, my hair was orange and floppy and probably looked horrid, and i mostly wore the same moth-eaten black sweater and trousers all the time. gross.
high school - i sewed most of my own clothes, or thrifted. looked on any given day like either a 16th-century flemish merchant's wife, or something out of the really cool part of the 1950s.

then i got a 1920s flapper bob i wore for a few years and was usually either black or blue, accompanied with a lot of floopy skirts and flared trousers and shit, then i grew my hair out (for some stupid reason) and stopped wearing skirts, then i cut all my hair off and still didn't wear skirts until about the second year of my undergrad (which i began as a mature student) when i suddenly had the kind of office job where you kind of have to dress like you work in an office (so suddenly i had little use for all my jeans and old band tshirts and the like). now i dress like i have to dress like i work in an office, but secretly wish i didn't. i'm presently trying to expunge anything that reads too "young" from my wardrobe, as i feel i'm past the age where i can really pull off a lot of very youthful stuff. besides, in my academic work it helps to exude a certain sense of professionalism, albeit tinged with semi-conscious sense of playfulness.

did any of that even make any sense to anyone but me? fuck, i have no idea. i love reading these personal evolutions. it's funny how things that we thought were so cool five years ago just seem embarrassing and stupid now.

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Chloe A

Chloe A.

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childhood - lots of leggings & turtlenecks. I was a ridiculous little PBS-watching, '90s kid.

middle school & freshman year - jeans & logo tee shirts...Chucks

sophomore year - oversized sweaters & shirts, tights, Doc Martens, colour

junior year - MENSWEAR & a bit more of a tough/rocker look (because of the hair?), high waisted skirts/shorts/jeans, suspenders, not just skinnys everyday, boots, heels

I like my style better now than anytime else in my life. It's because I'm at university, I try to dress older I think. And also because of the short hair, I dress either very androgynous or girly with a menswear inspired item (tie, button down, suspenders, etc.)

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Staci S.

Staci S.


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throughout middle school I had 4 phases of of my 'style'.
the first one was a hoody with baggy pants and sneakers. I hated skirts and tried to look very R'n'B. that was 5th grade.
In sixth gradeI got into the whole skinny jeans and vans craze and I was still listening to crappy music. towards the middel/end of 6th grade I fell in love with juicy couture and uggs. yuck. In 8th grade (I never was in 7th grade) I started dressing decently. I had a more edgy style ( I also started to listen to waay better music), which consisted of colorful and animal print skinnys, and I finally started to wear skirts. and colorful thights. Towards the end of the year I became obsessed with Alice in Wonderland and a m proper, clean cut style with very unexpected touches. Now I'm in ninth grade and I am what i was in the end of 8th grade. I think I'm still chnging....

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Nicole W.

Nicole W.

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When I was a kid, I just wore what my mom put me in, which was always typical little girl outfits. My sister and I almost always matched too.

7th grade through 10th grade I was definately in a rut and my style changed drastically.

7th and 8th grade I was all about brand names: Bebe, DKNY, Tommy Hilfigure, Coach, Tiffany & Co. because that's what all the other girls at my school wore.

9th and 10th grade I was kind of punk/surfer and shopped at PacSun and Hollister a lot. But then in the middle of tenth grade, my style began to change to what it is more like today. I took a fashion design class at a local college, so I was surrounded by more fashionable people, and not just the "trendy" girls at my high school. I began shopping at Urban Outfitters and started to realize what fashion really was.

11th and 12th grade I became much more fashionable and my style really evolved. I wore a lot of skinny jeans, babydoll tops, ballet flats, tights, skirts and dresses, headbands, etc.

My style has remained pretty much the same since junior year of high school, and I am now a sophomore in college. It's a mix of classic, quirky, girly, and retro. I think now I have a very distinct style, that other people, not just myself, can recognize.

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Peach P.

Peach P.

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Oh my, I've gone through so many phases, starting with when I was in kindergarten. My mom got me into looking good early on. :P

This is going to be an essay, because I'm so old.

K through 3rd grade: Dresses, dresses, dresses. I loved dresses and I wore them every day. I would not wear anything else.

4th and 5th grade: I loved the grunge look. I wore the hell out of my flannels and baggy jeans. I also made up outfits to go with my Girl Scout vest
(and one of them, I would totally wear today).

6th through 8th grade: I had the best clothes of my life, lol. It was the late 90s, so everything was bright, flares and bellbottoms were a must, and of course, the dreaded overalls, with only one strap fastened. :P I started wearing platform shoes, too. I was also really into hats. In 8th grade, I had a tech vest (who remembers those? lol) I think it's still at my house somewhere.

9th grade: I was in the process of transitioning my style. I wore a lot of graphic tees and jeans, but skirts started to come back in my wardrobe. And BOOTS. I had a great pair of black knee-high boots that I wore a lot.

10th and 11th grade: The raver years. Oh man. I was all about bright graphic tees, UFO pants, those pants that covered your feet, the return of the platforms, jelly bracelets, and my infamous trenchcoat. I have fond memories of that time, but I just don't know what I was thinking with the pink pants and all. I don't even like pink. I did have these great jeans from Delia's that had translucent sparkles around the crotch, and I wish I still had them! I would rock them today, without a doubt.

12th grade: I was way more concerned with the boys in my life than I was about fashion. I definitely started to slut it up this year, with miniskirts, heels, and low-cut tops. Everything I owned was tiny, tight, and revealing. At least I had the figure for it? Lol. I avoided the trenchcoat this year in favor of my varsity jacket.

Freshman year in college: Hippie chic. And by hippie, I mean dirty hippie. Some of my outfits were fun and carefree, and I started to get compliments on them. Others, not so much. I was sick a lot through this year, so I often dressed how I felt. The damn trenchcoat returned.

Sophomore year in college: Worst era for my style ever. I wore jeans and tees a lot. Booooring. I also stopped wearing skirts at this point. I was also at my highest weight in my entire life and both my eating disorder and my relationship were destroying my life, so that's my excuse. I had really cute underwear though.

Junior year in college: I made a fresh start with my life, and style came back to me again. I dumped my ex, I dropped weight, started dating my current boyfriend, and my style got better. Granted, it was still mostly tight, party style clothing, but at least it was better than jeans and tees. However, I no longer knew my body, and had trouble dressing correctly for it. Plus, I was growing too small for the clothes I had, and I didn't have the money to shop, so I really didn't have a choice.

Senior year in college: The fashion gods smiled upon me. I started wearing dresses again! :D I also got my first pair of leggings and first pair of skinny jeans this year. My style became very classy. I was into pearls and berets at this time. I started receiving compliments on my outfits again.

Summer and fall of my first year of grad school: When I moved to Boston last June, I completely reinvented myself. I decided that every day, I would put effort into my look and be fabulous every day. It was hard over the summer, since my classes were intense and we often got messy, but starting in the fall, I wore dresses and skirts at least twice a week. I was really into boots, summer dresses with cardigans on top, and high waisted skirts (although I only had one at the time).

Spring semester of grad school: I started creating themed weeks for myself, in order to try out many new styles. I went ALL OUT for each theme. Some of them include grandma chic, 80s, menswear, outfits with tights, French-inspired, starving artist, etc. It was perhaps the best time for style in my life, and I'm really mad that I didn't document it at all.

This summer was sort of an extension of the spring semester, although my style was generally very classy and put together - very housewife. I know I'll end up going back to this style when I'm older, but right now, I'm not done experimenting yet!

Now that it's a new school year, I'm aiming to put some edge into my look. Bright colors, wild jewelry, choosing looks from different eras, etc. So far, so good, although I still have to put my first two looks of the semester up!

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Alexe G

Alexe G.


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Hmm, here I go...

Somewhere around the time when I was 12, I was totally into the jeans and t-shirt look and that was really it. I believe I had, I'd say like a zillion, t's with cute (i.e. idiotic) designs and sayings and such.

Then I got to high school, it pretty much stayed jeans and t's, but I was sorta into a more punky style, although I didn't show much. A lot of Billabong, Roxy and such things I don't like were in my closet.

Then, I got a really nice pair of flats and started caring. I tried to get nicer tops, so they were all kinda fancy, got really nice jeans but it was pretty plain.

Now I'm totally nothing, although my appreciation for style has grown tons, and I'm actually into fashion whereas before I just liked pretty stuff but had no clue what style was. I've been living in jeans, flats and v-necks for a while, since I'm not happy with my clothes. I have a lot of pieces I love, that I wear when I try, but the prob is I get tired of them so fast. Anywayyyyys, as of now I'm re-building my wardrobe to fit what I would describe as my boho-urban-chic? ideal.

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Kevin Watts

Kevin W.

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Up until 10th grade I had no style and after that it was mostly baggy clothes (hip hopper) cause I was a big softy and insecure.

Now with a lean frame I've fallen in love with suits and cuts. My tailor is my half sister and I've give thanks to this site for helping me find my true style that continues to grow!

Great question Tiffany!

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Kirsty Rose

Kirsty R.

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well this is a long one as i went through many phases

i was a mental looking kid.. i never ever matched my clothes.. i had short boy hair and i had cross eyes and wonky teeth.. i looked frankly hilarious!

then as an early teen i was super grungy.. was well into nirvana, hole etc.. i wore lots of patchwork stuff, tie die, stripey tights and dms! and looked atrocious..

then i started wearing nighties that i bought from charity shops that some poor old lady probably wore before she croaked it.. with fairy wings coloured stockings and lots of glitter.. this was when i was about 15 and we spent all our time at my mates house as she'd been kicked out and given a council flat..

then i went a bit goth.. dyed my hair black and wore lots of black and had my own personal doom cloud above my head and a look of impending woe on my face (this was part of the look)

then i had short pink hair and wore crop tops and army pants! it was 1997 so it was acceptable for me to be wearing army trousers without getting beat on

then i discovered heels... i had only worn dm's or army boots up until i was about 18 due to thinking i'd not be able to walk in heels.. so then i went super girlie with a hint of slutty - lots of animal print and leather and bleached hair! funnily enough i never wore short skirts or low cut tops so always managed to look like a glam slut? which was odd

then i dyed my hair bright red and wore lots of suitably clashing clothing.. and looked like a rainbow threw up on me

then i had my first kid and went uber hippy... long blonde hair... lots of neutral clothing and long skirts with layers and chunky jewellery.. i think this was the time that i felt as i was a mum i had to stop dressing how i liked dressing and be more appropriate.. this was my most short lived phase of dressing

then i got bored of being normal so started wearing fancy dress stuff mixed with vintage dresses..

then i had my second kid and seemingly i'm just falling more and more into batty old lady territory.. i have no problem with wearing more basic clothes if i'm just doing nothing.. but when i go out or make the effort in the morning it almost seems like i've reverted back to my original kid mode of wearing totally miss-matched stuff.. plus my love of fancy dress doesn't seem to be waning the older i get! so i've gone full circle..

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Michael Dee

Michael D.

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i used to be very 'hipster'ish but then i began to appreciate classic, vintage style, particularly the style of writers and artists. scarves, cardigans, big glasses.

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M. W.

M. W.

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Ok here we go...

Up until 3rd grade I wore a uniform, but on the weekends I always wore dresses. I seriously wouldn't wear anything else.

In 4th and 5th grade I didn't really care, but I wore a lot of Old Navy stuff because that's where my mom bought me stuff... lol.

In 6th grade, I wore a lot of Hollister :(

In 7th grade, I wore a lot of clothes from Delia's. I hate that store now!! But I am stuck with all my stuff from there... yuck.

This year, I am starting to wear things that I like more than things that would make me fit in. I honestly don't care if I fit in anymore because I don't think the people I am around are worth it... lol. That sounded mean...

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Vicky D.


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I wore really bland H&M stuff until I was 15. Then I got into a massive emo phase: Skinnies, rainbow and knuckle duster prints, bows, converses, and I still have this grey cardigan with tiny little falling stars on it, it's pretty cute but I've worn it to death. Can't get rid of it haha.
Oh and I had this black and white polka dot hoodie.

I matured a bit when I was 17. My love for cardigans started to grow and I went looking for the perfect plaid shirt, and found like 3.

When I turned 18 I was pretty neutral. I'd often wear two or three small necklaces together, layered my clothes and started to really dig tent-like clothing. The wider the better!
Preferably worn with cardigans.
Oh and I loved me some square scarfs. I still have an impressive collection.

So that was over a year ago, I'm 19 now. Over the past year I've bought a lot of studded things, which obviously refer to the emo phase.
I also love florals, tie-dye (the grey/black kind), blazers, soft tones... I like a lot of current day's trends.

I basically fall from one clothing-identity crisis into another.

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Rachel Carson

Rachel C.


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My style doesn't change that quickly, I don't think.

All through high school and the first couple years of uni I was a goth. Black, black, and more black. I had loads of chokers and black boots, and this lipstick called Ghoul that made me look dead. I remember one day I was wearing something not black and this guy at my school asked me if I was having a "happy day". During my undergrad I slowly started getting less gothy, although I still wore a lot of black. I started getting more and more skirts in all kinds of colours, shapes, and patterns. I had a skirt that I made out of ties, and people often asked me if I was an art student. During this time my hair went from being super short and spiky to long, and then super short again. (I'm currently in the process of growing it out again.)

By the end of uni I was also working pretty much every day, so I didn't look casual very often. My jobs weren't office jobs though, so I could still wear the weird skirts and whatnot. I wore big earrings most of the time, too. Slowly I got to a point where I could wear an outfit with no black in it whatsoever, and not feel like a crazy rainbow. I still wear black eyeliner every day, although it's not as thick as before.

Then I moved to the UK for my Masters degree, and for some reason my clothes became quite boring; just jeans most of the time. Part of the reason was because I couldn't bring all my clothes with me, I think, and partly because I wasn't working, so I got out of the habit of making myself look nice. Since my degree, I've been trying to look nicer again. I wear less skirts than I used to, although I still like them. I like men's-style trousers and white shirts quite a lot now, and have been acquiring a lot of shoes. Still the big earrings, though. That's never changed.

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Amy B

Amy B.

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i suppose up until i was about 13/14 i was in a tomboyish/emoish/bland childs style kind of phase?
difficult to picture, but basically what i wore was jeans (boyfriend cut normally) vest tops of all colour, and baggy hoodies. to top it off i wore slip on vans (which i still have but don't know what to wear with) and converse (also still have them but when i find them i'll probably bin them)
then eventually at the end of this phase i started wearing more knitwear and floral dresses etc. and that finally moves onto what i wear now (or what i want to wear now seeing as i'm always in a uniform) which involves vintage inspired clothing, lace, neutral shades, skinny jeans, every style of tights, ankle boots, single pops of colour if any etc.
i look back on how i used to dress and am embarressed actually ahah, i find an old picture and i'm like 'ew i looked like that? why didn't anyone slap me ?'
but i suppose it's a phase you have to go through.

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Sophie J

Sophie J.

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oooh!:0 ok,

1.) late elementary school/early middle school - GAP kids.
2.) late 6th grade, 7th grade, hollister, aeropostale, claires. 'graphic tees' my least favorite is what i wore then. ugh
3.) kinda figuring out about actual good clothing, a mix between (still,ugh) hollister, H&M(thankgod they have one in the mall where i live!), and UO,(when i got a chance to go to the city)
4.) now its a total mix of the opposites. classy/vintage, pearls, button downs, ect. and like 70's grunge/punk, like tshirts from my mums day and age, and i can tell i'll be a little more daring with my style and by daring i mean totally not daring, but compared to what my school wears, it is.. anything from non-aero and hollister for my school is daring. haha. so just more stuff from like botiques and cool shops that are a little different and punky stuff but still classy. so yaa..
but really the beginning of middle school was like,, pink cordaroy(sp?) bootcut pants with nike sneaks or uggs with a tshirt with a peace sign on it in neon pink.
ouchhies. thank god i was saved from the madness when i was.

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Kevin Mayes

Kevin M.

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6th grade - wear whatever whenever
7th grade - beginning punk
8th grade - " "
9th grade - "hardcore punk"
10th grade - normal person with gothic influences
11th grade - dark hypebeast on free time, classy as fukk when at work.
12th grade - normal person, classy as fukk

Now - Classy as fukk, moving into Gothninja territory.

Predictions - Gothninja

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Jessica Barakat

Jessica B.

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my entire class collectively agrees we'd like to forget how we dressed in middle school
basketball tees + shorts + hoodies

feshman year hollister + american eagle
sophmore/junior- the band tees bright skinny jean craze
senior year- i like american eagle again lol + the whole classy type of dressing now. i kind of love dresses, and my mom is very excited to buy me skirts this spring ha.

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King Leo

King L.


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all I'm going to say this:
rocker ish- metalgoth - emo - attempt of something I still don't know what it was - casual profesional with a hint of rock

I predict I will stick with the rock theme that i've had all over my life.
And black has been my friend since the start and I'll continue to wear it.

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Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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In elementary school, I dressed like a geek,
Whilst in high school, I genuinely showed distaste for popular fashion by regulating my wardrobe to band shirts & either corduroy or army surplus pants. I got a lot of flak from my peers for not dressing like they did, but they were all dressing in a vain attempt to imitate Eminem with their personal style, most of the girls in my school exhibited bland mall was not a good time to come of age.
Upon leaving school, I found myself putting more thought into what I wore because I was no longer stuck in a shitty, religious, academic idiot-factory with peers who were as equally as repressed as me. I found myself thrifting more, and attempting to make my wardrobe at least a little bit interesting. I dressed like a Mod for a year or two when I was with my OCD ex, colour coordinated suites, ties, shoes and knives, we left a cameleon like trail of confusion in our trampled path. Eventually I toned down my wardrobe to a more practical set of attire that at the same time is able to clearly convey a message. I also began altering alot of my own clothes, adding cynical/truthful slogans to shirts, painting and decorating various clothes, I acquired a fuck load of mystic trash to complement my wardrobe. My time spent living out of doors, I only had socks, long underwear, two pairs of pants, a home made Bunny Cunts t-shirt, a long sleeved shirt, a sweater, and noir tunic, with a tramp overcoat for when it got really cold. My shoes fell apart after a music festival, but my girlfriend lent me a pair of boots that Chaos later bestowed to me an identical black pair on the sidewalk one day.....I don't know what my fashion sense has been like since then.

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Irina I

Irina I.

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Up until the age of about 11, I didn't care about clothing at all. Then, my parents took me to Paris, and I suddenly started dressing "cool", in my opinion...which meant some actually nice stuff- like my beloved, long-lost soft denim trench coat- and lots of horrid cropped, striped, sheer leggings in neon colors, usually worn with a ruffled denim miniskirt and sneakers. Not good. Then I started trying to fit in and whatnot, and wore only jeans, simple t-shirts, and wool cardigans until sophomore year (this year). Now, I finally feel comfortable enough to wear good clothing to school, so lots of shiny leggings with interesting tunics and boots, and high-waisted skirts with colorful tights. My style is really random, though; today I wore black skinnies with a slim gray cardi and a band shirt, but tomorrow I might wear a short ruffled skirt with high-heeled boots and bright lipstick. I've definitely moved into a gray phase recently, because I realized that gray is the perfect neutral and goes with everything...whereas I used to wear purple tights, a loud, patterned skirt, a purple tee, and a purple cardigan, and think, "Oh, it's all purple, so I match!" :-D

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Steven Jensen

Steven J.


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I have been EVERYTHING to be honest.

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Jenna S

Jenna S.

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I'm going to start with 13 to 15
13: i was kind of going through a fashion identity crisis. i would wear Abercrombie and free people at the same time?
14:kind of turned into an AA clone it was pretty bad, i did that thing where people take hair when they have really long bangs and swept it across my face like side swept bangs pretty bad... and the basics i bought don't really fit me anymore because i lost 10lbs but i can still use them. i am all for over sized in some cases but what i did was TERRIBLE (picture the my life as Liz intro, god i hate that show) and i would wear eyeliner on my bottom waterline but not on top.. i was a hot mess and my hair looked like shit all the time because i had yet to have relaxed it. It was frizzy all the time and i would try to straighten it.... it basically looked like tangled wires
last 6 months of being 14-15: starts to dress well discovers cardigans, skirts, heels, boots, dresses, tights, ect.
hair goes from golden blond to brunette and now i have REAL bangs.
i knew about lookbook before it (i found out about it because i really have/had this thing for zooey deschannel's style and i read some blog about her on blogspot on the side tabs was something about lookbook clicked and i was curious but didn't really strike my interest immediatly.

i would probably describe my current style as
eclectic/retro chic and a pinch of edge

i really have no idea what my personal style will be like
it's kind of randomly changing constantly(generic answer BUT true).
but i'll never go back. *shudders*

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Sao C.

Sao C.

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seventh - bold
eighth - whatever was clean
ninth - jeans, hoodie and tee

i've been the same since tenth, a bit bold, a bit conservative, a bit old-fashioned and stealing from all the fashion subgenres.

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Florence ~

Florence ~.

United Kingdom

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When I was younger, I was really influenced by my dad who is a proper hippy, so I went through a massive tomboy/hippie phase, then as I got to secondary school I went through the goth/emo phase everyone I know seems to have had.
Until about last year, I didn't really know what to wear- I liked looking at fashion in magazines and talking about it but I never really wore anything too mad, mainly because it's only recently that I've actually developed the resolve to save up for nice clothes.
Now, my friends would describe my style as 'granny-ish' or 'mad cat lady', but I love it :) I like mixing with proportions by wearing baggy trousers with a tight top or vice versa and will pretty much always be in a cardigan.
In the future, I can only see it getting better as my style matures and I build up a more extensive wardrobe- It's turned into sort of a long term project with me :)

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Jessica Tran

Jessica T.

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I used to wear jeans and tshirts.

Now I look like a grandma riding a rainbow. I predict this will continue for the foreseeable future.

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Blake J

Blake J.

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I've always worn 'nice' clothes. Rarely did I go through phases. Although, within the past two years, I've been wearing dressier clothes.

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Blood A

Blood A.

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I used to not really care...I'd just wear jeans and a T-shirt all the time. While I do, of course, have those days, lately I've begun to put in a lot more effort and wear much girlier clothes. I wear a lot of dresses now, and I've become obsessed with light pink, lace, and floral designs. Really classic, girly stuff. :)

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Chris Arena

Chris A.

United States

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I went from
"Ecko and Sean John" With a million different colors of NIke Air Force (6th-7th grade)
Then to wearing "Abercrombie and Ed Hardy" ( 8th-9th grade)
To Presently wearing, "Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Vintage Clothes" ( Present)

Lots of phasess

0 · February 4, 2010

Sarah Elise

Sarah E.


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i went from dressing like a little boy
to t-shirts and jeans,
to scene poser kid
to dressing like a boy again and let myself go
and now i wear thrift and other things, but i dont have a set "style"

0 · February 7, 2010


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