If you write an kind of POETRY post it here!

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Gwendolyn R. Chandler

Gwendolyn R. C.

United States

99 posts

I have been in to writing more recently like poetry and prose or even songs.
If you have written some, show everyone here!

Show 1 or 2 of your most recent and/or your favorite that YOU have written.
Or if you have a link to where you keep all written poetry then post that if you want.
I'd love to see them! =]


Third Degree -
A years worth of memories
passing through my body
burning the edges as it moves
pulling at my muscles
it takes me back
reminding them of the sensations
in that moment
in a split second
of many seconds
until reality hits
and the memory suddenly rushes
recklessly to the center of my body;
my heart
With an impact so painful
almost too painful
I want to cry
I want to release it
every moment
memories of you and me
leave permanent burn marks
of the third degree

MY FAVORITE poem I wrote in song form: (Lyrics are shown under the video)

(Kinda has a Nirvana sound to it)

over 6 years ago

Elad Y.

Elad Y.


84 posts

I belong to this town

Headlights crash like waves upon the shore
On this street I’m walking on
Feels like my shoes are nailed down to the pavement
Otherwise I’d probably be long gone.

Like the glass in the shop window
People can see right through me
There is a reflection
And it shows them who I really am
And who I just pretend to be

So I drop another coin in the meter
Just a few more affairs to arrange
I can’t remember just how long it’s really been
But I know I’m a little short of change

I belong to this town
Forever tethered to this lamp post that I lean on
I can still love this nightlife even as it drags me down
But I belong to this town
Even if it seems this town belongs to me
I’ve spent so long trying to fit in to something
Now that I do, I just want to get free
I belong to this town.

0 · February 18, 2013

Eddie Cossaboom

Eddie C.


523 posts

Haiku on the theme of Japanese winter.


In the land of snow,
The moon is not visible --
Begins the new year.


Answering "hello?"
While riding my bicycle
I've frozen to death.

0 · February 21, 2013

Angel Dizon

Angel D.


48 posts


She came home
angry at what she saw
she took the broomstick,
an extension of my curse.

The strike of that broomstick
causing red gushes on my back
that crushed my own strength
as I try to catch some air.

My neighbors
witness my punishment
Their bug eyes
through a screen door.

I hugged my dog bear
Pink ribbon like cotton candy
Its tongue sticking out
like sour tape.

As I lay down on the mattress,
eyes swelling like a mosquito bite.
I didn't feel like I cried

0 · April 30, 2013

Nickolas Haralambides

Nickolas H.


2 posts

Through the path of thorns
don't be afraid
keep going with passion
even if you get hurt.

And once you find the end
a tiny sparkle will shine
and the bud of the dawn will bloom
giving your heart warmth.

0 · May 1, 2013

Tayi Ashley Tibble

Tayi Ashley T.

New Zealand

82 posts

Asleep On the Sea.

We fell in love in the gaps of poise.
It was always silent but in your eyes
The ringmaster stood there coaxing me towards this
Ensuring Id have a front row seat (to the circus)
On your matress.

And we fell in love between borrowed bed sheets.
But I wouldnt believe this.
So lets just muse about how I got you crawling into line with me.
Killing your pride (but easing your mind) with my stolen lines of poetry.

Do you want to be, the colour of these scenes?
Or is it too bold for me to speak with such suggestion?
Well I have a question. But I dont think you want to hear.
We run the shore, we cut the sky and we dance without a care.

So here on this pretty pillow place your head
To either dream or forget about the things we did.
And in the morning it will come to you, revealing.
But know what weve all heard, that drunken words are hidden feelings.

So when we fell in love sharing a gin and whiskey kiss, there were
Stars in my eyes and I knew that we were pissed.
In the morning we might apologise and devise some clever alibis.
But regaurdless that matress can sing.
That love only talked of such childish things.

0 · May 1, 2013

Andleeb Mughal

Andleeb M.


12 posts


So, there it lies beneath the holy tree,
It's savoury still pleases the beast,
Wishing she had a moment of free,
But no one can change the destiny,
Now be proud you sanctuary,
You made her soul rest in peace.

0 · May 10, 2013

Courtney Hall

Courtney H.

United States

17 posts

~Ink and Bones~

Sometimes I just get so sick

of mirrors and their words

they don’t keep quiet when they stare back at you.

They recite every fear, every dream

that you haven’t chased in time

and spell them out on your cheeks

and trace your jaw-line.

0 · May 15, 2013

Rajia Krisha

Rajia K.


17 posts

This is my recent.


Oh my dearest!
Will you please give it a rest?
You are so fine.
Created to be mine.
I love you like I have said.
Don't be afraid.
She rolled the dice
And there she dies!
I painted the walls red
With her blood at her deathbed.
There's no wall between us anymore.
Stop running away. You're being a bore,
Whatever you do, you will love me.
Yes, you will love me, you'll see.

I usually write them in special notebooks.

0 · February 10, 2014

Mildred Cheng

Mildred C.

Hong Kong

6 posts

i've got lots of poems here, feel free to check it out :)

0 · February 26, 2014

Mateusz W

Mateusz W.

United States

1 posts

I've got three on my YouTube channel. Here's the link to the most popular one. (:

0 · March 1, 2014

Pistachio Rugrain

Pistachio R.


5 posts

Parental advisory - some bad words in this... more on the blog:

The Rush Hour Commute, Tuesday

Days start in a warm groan
Crashed by the siren banging
of dishes and rattling of bones.
Gah! A mourning sunrise.
That won't stop these
Half hung curtains
from choking my sleep;
Bleary fingers stumble
through the ritual:
snooze, groan,
not yet,
Snooze, crash,
do I have to?
Snooze, snooze,
oh all fucking right then!

The stumble,
the splash,
the humble crush
of soap sweat cologne.
A sweet cloak
permeating mundane strangers;
And only slightly stronger
than the coffee you
spilled from my hungry hand
Down a slate grey tank.
It's too early for full armour!
I didn't wear black today!
Of course it's alright!
you just sit there
While I climb
into a seat smaller
than your heart;
Over a bag bigger
than your wife,
She likes me better anyway.

Fuck Monday,
Fuck Tuesday,
Fuck any day,
fuck EVERY day;
Up in my face
before both eyes are open.
Is it coz I don't wear a watch?
The circadian repetition
in urethral procession,
Let it vie between
a pre-canned self-righteous indignation
and this generous handkerchief
steeped in a rueful grin.

Old Spice,
a strong Terrazu,
with watered down ambition;
sell it, buy it,
And spill it on me...

it's not even 9am.

0 · March 5, 2014


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