Things people from other countries think are odd

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Emily McDonald

Emily M.

United States

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I.E. in America we shave regularly and I've met people from other countries who think that that's weird. Also, they though that the price for getting a manicure/pedicure (About 30 usd) was ridiculous. I'd love to hear somethings that people from other countries think is odd!

over 6 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5712 posts

in britain we call them ice lollies because they are lollipops in ice but in america you call them popsicles. what does that word even mean?

0 · May 26, 2014

Dolly Spectra

Dolly S.

United States

450 posts

Apparently most countries outside America don't tip people for haircuts?

0 · May 26, 2014

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5712 posts

@Dolly S.

that's a good point. it's not obligatory in most countries to tip at all

0 · May 27, 2014

Jennifer Remba

Jennifer R.


10 posts

In mexico we are used to kiss someone in the cheek to say hi :)

0 · June 5, 2014


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