Short hair or long hair?

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Beatrice M.

Beatrice M.


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What do you guys think, is short hair better or long hair? :>

over 7 years ago

Sophia Molen

Sophia M.


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Depends on the person? :)

0 · December 29, 2014

Jen Lou M

Jen Lou M.

United Kingdom

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I've always had long hair, and I don't think I'd ever cut it - even when I'm old and grey!

But I think it definitely depends on the person. There are girls that look stunning with a pixie cut just as there are beautiful girls with bobs, shoulder length hair or hair down to their waists :)


0 · January 4, 2015

DagmarTravels Fashion

DagmarTravels F.


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it depend on the quality of the persons hair. if someone has very thin hair, it doesnt look pretty if they have long hair.

i have thick curly hair so I think long hair fits me better (even though I like to experiment few times a year and then regret it :D )

0 · January 8, 2015




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I like short hair ! but unfortunately I have a big forehead !((((

0 · March 14, 2015



United States

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Longer hair is more feminine. I almost never see the girl who looks better with short hair. Pixie cuts are an abomination. Any girl who is even still "cute" in a pixie, would be a knockout with plain, shoulder length hair.

A lot of girls look like boys when they have short hair. My sister is like that. She complains she only has weak, unambitious men interested in dating her. It's like.. yeah, because you look like a boy, lol. You're going to attract men who are almost gender neutral, too. Lose the crew cut, wear a skirt. Miracles!

0 · March 21, 2015

Paula Żurowska

Paula Ż.


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I think both lengths have their beauty. I've had long hair for my whole life until I cut it shorter half a year ago. Now I'm growing it back out but I don't regret it anything. I think variety is good. And if you're talking about short short hair then it depends on the person.. I have a friend who looks amazing with her pixie-like cut but not everyone can pull it off!

0 · March 22, 2015

Agata K

Agata K.


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Personally I enjoy having short hair because it's more comfortable, but I don't look good in really short hair.
Long hair suits me, but I hate it how much I need to care about them.
Medium length is the best I think!

0 · March 29, 2015

ShinyBoy JM

ShinyBoy JM

United States

16 posts

I look good with my hair long! To me, having short hair would equate to a life of pure dicipline and submittance to the elites!

0 · May 22, 2015

Geise C.

Geise C.


23 posts

I used to have short hair, but it just didn't suit me very well. Still, I think I had it for over two years, because it was easier to take care of. Last year I started to let it grow, and I feel much better about my own appearance right now. But I won't let it grow too much, I'm going to keep it in a medium lenght, because it's already more difficult and expensive now.

0 · May 30, 2015

Sandra G

Sandra G.


2 posts

In my opinion, everything depends on the person, but generally long hair mostly suit to girls better, exception is when short haircut is nicely cut, don't you think?! :>

0 · May 31, 2015

Isabelle D

Isabelle D.


275 posts

I prefer medium-long to long on girls, and short to medium on guys.

0 · June 1, 2015

Amanda R.

Amanda R.


301 posts

I used to have long hair, but I chopped it to a medium-short hair a pair of months ago, and I couldn't be happier! I think it fits my face shape much better, and makes me feel more like an adult than long hair. It always depends on the person, as someone said before. I think the most important thing is that the cut is well and nicely done, and that you're comfortable wearing and styling it everyday!

0 · June 14, 2015




22 posts

depend on your face!

0 · June 15, 2015

Amelia Burns

Amelia B.

United States

36 posts

I've always had long hair but now short hair has been really in trend! I've been obsessing over all the looks. I love Ashley benson's cut and have been considering chopping mine off to get the look!

0 · June 25, 2015




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i was never interested in having long hair until I saw a picture of me as a child with medium hair. Since then I always wanted as long hair as back then. Now i love long hair and want them to be much longer

0 · July 6, 2015

Elizabeth T

Elizabeth T.

United States

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It really depends on your face shop :) Overall, I think short hair can make you look younger, while longer hair is more feminine. But while people generally think that short hair is easier to take care of, I think long hair is actually easier to style, since you won't have to worry about unruly strands and flyaways

0 · July 9, 2015

Daria Zems

Daria Z.


8 posts

Definitely depends on person and personality. For 19 years I har really long hair, I mean really long. Now I have short hair. Love it, don't think I'll ever come back to the "long story" :)

0 · July 16, 2015

Tanya1 H

Tanya1 H.

United Kingdom

427 posts

I like short bob hair!

0 · July 24, 2015

Noor Clothes & Dreams

Noor C.


79 posts

I've had long hair I liked for years, but I've grown tired of it so I think I'm gonna cut it, just not too short. (:

0 · August 5, 2015




13 posts

i prefer to keep my hair short. recently got an angled bob w/ from bangs and its my favourite haircut yet

0 · August 23, 2015

Kalisto Zenda Nanen

Kalisto Zenda N.

United States

35 posts

shaved sides, long center

0 · September 10, 2015

From Anna with love fromannawithlove80

From Anna with love .


364 posts

I love long hair, always wanted them to be long. But as I started to dye them , thes were very damaged (I also use an GHD to straighten my curls)...I managed to grow a bob, and then tried all the bright dyes: lilac, red , hair was I do have an "mohawk/pixie", with undercut, but I still prefer long and straight hair.

0 · September 27, 2015

Saluja Pokhrel

Saluja P.


1 posts

I think since hair grows back after you cut, you should not be afraid of experimenting! Go with the trend and feel both the experience of long and short hair.:) I had long hair, I cut it to shoulder length 1 month back and its growing now and i m looking forward for next hairstyle. :)

0 · September 30, 2015



United States

20 posts

I love having long hair but the upkeep on it is a bit extreme. I used to have hair all the way down to my waist and the amount of effort to keep it looking great was a bit much. So, now I have shoulder length, I miss having it so long but I'm happy where it is now.

0 · October 9, 2015

Rosario Yeates

Rosario Y.

United States

1 posts

It doesn't depends on that.I love both but long hair must be best to make us look attractive.When I was having long hair seeing other I cut my hair but I always think to increase length of I am hairdresser I got to know various new ideas and now I make various different hairstyles.We look trendy and gorgeous making all such styles and make up .I used to make styles watching online.Now I have my own page on it visit for more details

0 · October 28, 2015

ShinyBoy JM

ShinyBoy JM

United States

16 posts

I got long black hair, baby!!!

0 · April 30, 2016

Anna Anna

Anna A.


26 posts

is all goooood.

0 · April 30, 2016

John Marine

John M.

United States

5 posts

This post is my debut posting anything in any LOOKBOOK thread.

There are many ways to be stylish. That even includes hairstyles. I have seen as many lovely short hairstyles as I have long hairstyles. For the sake of argument, I am going to define "long" hair as hair that goes below the shoulders. You can look lovely either with short hair or long hair. I am not going to prefer one over the other. It is all about how you style everything. Even with bald hair or a shaved head, you can still look wonderful. I tend to adore sophisticated and sweet bob hairstyles as far as short hair is concerned. You can do boyish-style hair (like a pixie cut), but so few can get it right without being too boyish. Long hair can be truly beautiful. Long curls or waves are just amazing to me. They are perhaps tougher to manage, but the results can be otherworldly beautiful.

No matter what length of hair, you could say I have a preference for curly hair, and sometimes wavy hair also. I will not stress fashionistas should either go short or go long with their hair. Just go with what length of hair you are happiest with and style your hair accordingly to your heart's content. Now go look fabulous already! :)

0 · May 18, 2016

Diana Nguyen

Diana N.


17 posts

I really like the messy short hair look but on myself I prefer long hair

0 · May 20, 2016

Chantal McCulligh

Chantal M.


2 posts

I think it really depends on the girl, and the guy!` I personally prefer long hair for myself, and long hair "flow" on guys as well! If you want to grow your hair longer faster, I recommend using any fast shampoo fortified with amino acids but stay away from the ones that contain sulfates... And this is coming from a girl who loves a good head of hair! ;)

0 · May 24, 2016

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

Of course LONG!

0 · May 26, 2016

Anna Razumovskaya

Anna R.


13 posts


0 · June 17, 2016

Chantal McCulligh

Chantal M.


2 posts

Long. Flow is where it's at. I've seen a lot of guys using Fast Shampoo to get longer hair, which is pretty important because there are a lot of awkward growing stages for dudes.

0 · June 19, 2016

Ella Hyden

Ella H.


20 posts

I like long and straight hair because it perfectly suits me and easily manage also.

0 · August 27, 2016




2 posts

Actually would go for short than long if it looks good. Some of them rock the short look, but I can't stand the pixie style at all
Short hair is great and very easy and efficient to maintain. Plus very cooling in the summer.Plus with different colors it look newly
On guys I like it long or inbetween, if he has the amount of hair and if longer hair suits his face

0 · September 28, 2016

Septiana Widyaningrum

Septiana W.


6 posts

Oh this is a hard question!
I do think long hair makes you look more feminine and sexy and short hair makes you look younger and cuter, so both are good.
I change my hair depends on my mood tho.

0 · August 30, 2018

MyViews Thisis

MyViews T.


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I think long hair is better

0 · September 3, 2018

Ann Wood

Ann W.

United States

9 posts

I always love the long hair, that is my goal!

0 · September 9, 2018

Kimberly Love

Kimberly L.

United States

57 posts

I love short hair it's so versatile in a low maintenance way.

0 · September 30, 2018

Rockstar GG

Rockstar GG


4 posts

Well.have kept my hair long because I get job in mi acting here with it. An besides I do rock covrs for a living so Its a must. Doesn´t matter if its better or not, just work reason O.O

0 · November 19, 2018

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

70 posts


quote "She complains she only has weak, unambitious men interested in dating her."

Well, it seems she is only attracting either gay men who mistakes her for yet another short haired guy or she is attracting the soy-boys!!!! It's kibnda funny because I'm a guy with quite long hair and look like a girl from a distance no matter what I wear and I'm having to brush manly looking dudes away from me every weekend whenever I'm at a club, the mall or a festival or anywhere where no one knows the real me!!!!!

0 · July 9, 2019


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