Men Crossing Legs:Opinions Anyone? (Guys Only)

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Douglas Lewis

Douglas L.

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so i watch a lot of late night & "in the closet" videos on plus my uncle who also is into fashion (he subscribes to GQ & Men's Health) is like 50 and crosses his legs. i personally LOVE crossing my legs. a lot of people think it's gay, but in my opinion if you cross them in a "feminine body language" style then people will you think you're gay (but what's wrong w/ gay people?) it's more of a polite, mannerable, sophisticated type of thing. & lots of men who are wearing formal or semi-formal attire, like w/ dress shoes, etc do it. also a LOT of tall men wear them b/c i guess it's comfortable to them. ( OBAMA ) but a lot of people say people who have small junk do it. ?!? anyway, guys comment this! & girls also post what you think about it! (:

almost 9 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

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takes up less space on public transport. i say go for it

0 · November 25, 2015



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Um...I've spent most of my twenty eight years on this Earth around the older generation, and men unanimously crossed their legs. It's clearly a generational thing.

I have zero problems with it because while for most men it's a matter of habit and comfort, they probably don't realize that they're showing off their socks and shoes in the most epic way. Lately, I've even found myself crossing my legs a certain way simply out of body positioning; in other words, I wasn't making a conscious effort to do it.

So yeah, there's absolutely nothing strange or different about men crossing their legs. And if you're dressed up or wanting to show off those socks and shoes, cross away!

0 · December 27, 2017

David ross Lawn

David ross L.

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don't let gender constructs dictate your choices: do what YOU feel comfortable doing with your body; it is not for others to decide what you do with it.

0 · April 25, 2018

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

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I don't get this whole straight vs gay issue thing when it comes to body language such as crossing legs or arm/hand position! Comfort is comfort, ya know, and one shouldn't ever let someone else dictate to them how they should position their body parts when sitting down and relaxing!!!

0 · July 16, 2018


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