DIY Necklace

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Monika S

Monika S.

United States

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In one of the posts on my lookbook page I uploaded a picture of a necklace I made myself. A few years ago when I had more time I used to make a bunch of headbands and hair accessories (some of them were obnoxiously huge) I even tried selling them at one point. I started to branch out into jewelry and this necklace is what I am most proud of. I just wanted to share and see if anyone had any thoughts about it?

Also, does anyone else make jewelry or hair pieces? I love looking at what little creations other people make as well.

almost 6 years ago

Ophelia Lacrima

Ophelia L.


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I also really like it :)
I collect minerals and my boyfriend helped me to do this necklace :)

0 · June 19, 2013

Yuliya Havron

Yuliya H.


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That a unique idea, i like it too! I work on my DIY yourself blog, and I have really been into hair accessories and necklaces, so if you are interested you can visit me on! I hope you find it interesting

0 · June 25, 2013


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