Do you like K-pop music?

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Cherry L

Cherry L.


68 posts

Do you like and listen to K-pop?
If so, who is your favorite singer or group?
I like EXO. :)

5 years ago

Elizabeth S

Elizabeth S.


50 posts

One of my best friends is obsessed with EXO haha. I remember how excited she was when she ordered a hot pink hoodie with EXO on the back a bit over a year ago. She also loved her trip to Korea last summer and is super eager to go back.

My favourite song is probably Lucifer by SHINee, but I don't have a particular singer or group that I like most. I'll listen to what I come across, and am always open to suggestions. I find that Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Big Bang, SHINee, and EXO are definitely among the most popular here,

0 · February 25, 2014

Caroline Carnivorous

Caroline C.


84 posts

I had a little period when I was in the Philippines one summer and everything they played was k-pop x'D

0 · February 26, 2014

Karla Galima

Karla G.


21 posts

@Caroline C.

Yes, I think most of us Filipinos are addicted to it therefore people in the media industry tend to play those kind of songs! We might be on the top consumers list of K-Pop songs! XD

I too, am addicted to Kpop, but only up to the extent of one girl group, (and is very famous) SNSD (Girls Generation). Not only they have good voice, but they also dressed well! :)

0 · February 28, 2014

☽Emī Silberīn Mānelieht☾

☽Emī S.


578 posts

I listen to some J-Pop but recently found a K-Pop band called chocolat (spelling?) and my son (2 yrs.) really likes the bubbly music and dancing girls.
I noticed a lot of K-Pop girl bands where they dance in big groups!

0 · March 1, 2014

Delete Profile

Delete P.

United States

8 posts

Of course :) Favourite bands are Nu'est, Big Bang, Super Junior, Exo

0 · March 3, 2014

Yie W

Yie W.


10 posts

I really love IU's music style and her voice!

0 · March 4, 2014

Camille Sioco

Camille S.


661 posts

I used to listen to Big Bang, 2NE1, Kara, SNSD, T-ARA, BEAST and 4-Minute but stopped when American music finally stopped using so much auto tune. I still listen to Big Bang.

0 · March 5, 2014

Chichi R

Chichi R.


4 posts

Yes! I really like SNSD, T-ARA, f(x) and Super Junior! Can;t get enough of Korean fashion too! :)

0 · March 6, 2014

Julie Đặng

Julie Đ.

United States

69 posts

I used to listen to a lot of K-pop back in 2010 to 2012. After doing a lot of research and thinking throughout the years, I concluded that I should stop listening to K-pop because it was becoming a bit problematic. Another reason why I stopped was because I was also getting tired of the same song concepts that the K-pop industry has been throwing around. I listen to some K-Rap and K-Indie here and there but I won't get myself involved with K-Pop.

0 · August 31, 2014

Lisaxhayden .

Lisaxhayden ..

United States

5 posts

I like kpop, I listen to mostly giriboy, beenzino and anything from YG ent.
I love exo too though. Recently I've been finding alot of Korean rap artists too like swings, e-sens, tiger jk, Yoon mirae, gaeko, choiza, Simon d, dok2... Also I'm a huge blackjack/vip

0 · September 1, 2014

Ïmăne Jungķøøķ

Ïmăne J.


1 posts

Yeah i love kpop music and my favorits bands are EXO and BTS and my bias is Chanyeol in exo and jungkook in BTS

0 · April 8, 2015

Cee Murphy

Cee M.


2 posts

No... Not at all.

0 · April 10, 2015

Manon G

Manon G.


7 posts

I'm a big fan of Kpop. And I enjoy a lot of bands... f(x), nu'est, super junior, sistar....

0 · April 12, 2015

Ryry B.

Ryry B.


90 posts

Super Junior
of course gotta support our girl Dara @ 2NE1

0 · April 23, 2015

Marié Josephina Huang

Marié Josephina H.


5 posts

I like it sometimes, though lots of songs feel a little strenuous on me.
I'm more of the metal type of person.
The only K-Pop band I really listen to is EXO. (I'm Chen-biased, by the way. Haha) Other bands, not so much. The rest depends if I simply like how the song sounds. I listen to Nu'est, and f(x) sometimes too and I do like songs by Lee Hi, 2NE1, and SHINee.

0 · April 28, 2015

Diyah Diqo

Diyah Diqo


40 posts

Yupz yupz yupz. I like K-pop. My favourites are Big bang, EXO, SNSD, CNBlue, Akdong Musician (AKMU).

0 · November 7, 2015

Girly Stuff

Girly S.


4 posts

Oh yeah! My favorites bands are Teen Top, After School, EXID, B1A4 and 2ne1.

0 · November 30, 2015

Helena Gouveia

Helena Gouveia


5 posts

I loveeeeeee! :) My favorite ones are: Big Bang, Super Junior and Sistar =D

0 · December 9, 2015

Ghada Morjan

Ghada M.

United Arab Emirates

34 posts

Big K-pop fan here! My favourites are BTS and Bigbang and i've been really getting into Monsta X and Seventeen lately :D

0 · January 6, 2016


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