What makes your favourite book special and what is the worst book you´ve ever red?

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Julie Capulet

Julie C.


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Books are all called Literature but everyone thinks different about what is real Literature and what just a book. What is art, what is trash, what is good literature, what only a trend and why?

For example: I like Shakespeare and I like Twilight BUT it is not to compare and also not the same quality, I think you will agree with that. There are so much different levels of rank BOOKS in the huge theme of Literature and now I want you to tell your oppinions about this. I´m really interested in your thoughts.

I´ll start:

I love books of Goethe, Hesse, Shakespeare, T.C Boyle and Wilde for example, they are high quality and many of the greatest and most important ones in lifetime.

I really like Kafka, Sartre or Nietzsche they are great but no "Goethes", they are a Picasso but not the Mona Lisa... FOR ME

I like Michael Ende, Harry Potter or Patrick Suesskinds "The parfume" as Dürrenmatt but they are the middleclass.

Generation and newcomer and "Onehitwonder" formed and famous cause of the time and the trend are for me the Twilight books or Illuminati, entertaining: YES, part of the history: NEVER

And then there is trash: One example: "50 shades of grey", bad "story" boring text, terrible choice of words and the theme is not interesting at all, it´s just vulgar and lowered the bar.

Brilliant is for me "The prophet" by Khalil Gibran cause it´s for me the most perfect and complete written book of philosophy with not a single sentence I don´t agree with.

I love Shakespeare cause of his adjectives and the mood he created.

And Wilde because I can see his words like a movie running trough my brain.

This was just a little part of the theme, but I hope enough for you to tell your feelings about it.

Yours Julie ;)

5 years ago

Ellis Dee

Ellis D.


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The best book I have read was Schrodinger's Cat by Robert Anton Wilson, the worst would have to be the Bible.

1 · March 14, 2014

Julie Capulet

Julie C.


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@Ellis D.

I guess so, too but may its like Lord of the Rings fantasy Star Wars shit ^^

0 · March 15, 2014

Julie Capulet

Julie C.


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Khalil gibran- The Prophet & Siddartha by Hesse i´d say

0 · April 23, 2014

Maya Diamond

Maya D.


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Well, I can't really decide on a favorite book because I read a lot.
The one I like the most at the moment though is One Day by David Nicholls. I love the characters Em and Dex and how their whole story is built up. To me it's one of those books where you fall in love with the characters more than anything. And after I finished it I just thought that they were great people and I felt like I would actually know them.

Another one I loved is The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I know, it's all over tumblr and some poeple overrate it, but I honestly think that it is beautiful in many ways. I love the character Charlie. I love the idea that the whole story is told through letters. I love how it doesn't have a sad end but not a 'real happy end' either. I just love it. I can't even explain why.

A book I didn't like at all was twilight, the whole series. I read all of them but I didn't enjoy them. The first one was alright but then it got only worse. The books got thicker and the story more and more boring. In general, I'm no fan of vampire or werewolf stories.

0 · May 15, 2014

Maria Sainz

Maria S.


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Best book I've ever read is The Aleph, by Jorge L Borges. What makes it special? I don't even know, Borges doesn't fall in the lame descriptive literature, but he plays with your mind in such a way, you end up reflecting about everything.
Worst book I've read is the Twilight series, I didn't find any of them interesting at all, not even the movie s..

0 · June 9, 2014


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