TV Mini Series: British Style Genius (BBC2, UK)

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Great mini series started last week on BBC2 about different aspects of British style, design and fashion. They are 1 hour each.

Episode 1 was on High Street fashion, with a focus on the recent Kate Moss x Topshop and George Davis x M&S Per Una collections; as well as looking at the culture and influence of fast fashion, vintage and ethical clothing (not really enough time spent examining this, I thought). Still, it was very enjoyable to see the parallels drawn between the careers of Twiggy and Kate Moss and how they both used their names to launch design collections.

Episode 2 takes a look at formal tailoring, and how the British look has long been exported abroad; especially in light of Paul Smith's successes in Japan. The last portion of this episode takes a look at the rise of the new generation of Savile Row tailors such as Ozwald Boateng, Timothy Everest and Richard James (all of whom I wish were given more airtime....), and the re-adoption of this the Row's styling in other areas of the fashion. Again, it was great to see the parallels drawn in the ethos of Tommy Nutter's and Edaward Sexton's work with that of Ozwald Boateng - particularly in their approach to using colour.

This is making for very interesting viewing so far, so I thought I would bring it to light.

Future episodes will be themed on: Rebel, Country, Street.

Can't wait!

If you are in the UK, then these episodes are available to view and download (for a limited time after broadcast) through BBC iPlayer.

(For those outside the UK, apparently there is a way of tricking iPlayer into thinking otherwise... but I've not had a chance to test this)

I would love to hear your thoughts on these episodes so far... there will be 6 in total.

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I hear that torrents of episode 1 are out there......

0 · October 15, 2008

Jennifer Watt

Jennifer W.

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Fantastic programme. Really shows what British Fashion used to be and what it's becoming again.

Thanks for the link!

0 · October 18, 2008

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@Jennifer W.

I'm so glad you enjoyed watching this.

What really struck me is how influential British men's style has been, in influencing foreign designers.
Take formalwear... e.g. Ralph Lauren's Black/Purple labels.

I'm a big Paul Smith fan, and I knew he did well in Japan. However, I had no idea that he had so many shops - all so vigorously supported!!

I'm looking forward to the next show already....

(In my haste, I totally forgot to mention that these shows are on Tuesday at 9pm!)

0 · October 19, 2008


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