Lookbookers in Montreal?

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So I wanna know if there are any lookbookers from Montreal, Canada? It would be nice to do a meetup! :)

almost 5 years ago

Anna P.

Anna P.


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Hi Katia! Yay finally a lookbooker from Montreal!!! :) I'm from Montreal as well! Going to check out your lookbook now :)

0 · September 8, 2014

Danaë Brandt

Danaë B.


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Hey! I'm also a fashion blogger in Montreal! We should totally do a meetup! :)

0 · November 10, 2014

Marie-Philippe Leblanc Leblanc

Marie-Philippe Leblanc L.


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Hey, I know I didn't post yet, because I'm new, but things are coming, and I would still love to do this, even though I'm really late :)

0 · July 28, 2015

Catherine Malhabile

Catherine M.


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Hey I'm late, very late to this party but... from Montreal also! :)

0 · December 28, 2017

Steve Smith

Steve S.

United States

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Emma Mak

Emma M.

United States

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Yoli Gonzalez

Yoli G.


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0 · July 24, 2018


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