Has your style changed?

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Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5701 posts

since joining lookbook, has anyone's style changed or has it been constant? i find that lookbook has helped my style considerably, not only am i being exposed to online shops that i never knew existed that i could order from, i'm also evolving in my style and am finally coming to a point where i can say that i know exactly what i like and what i don't. i've been trying out new things and am settling into a blend of styles that suits me and i feel comfortable in and lookbook also gives me the confidence to do that. some people are on a steady constant and have always been fashionistas from the beginning but i think for many of us, we've gradually evolved into the way we dress thanks to the site and seeing new ideas and online stores we can buy from. anyone else?

over 4 years ago

Eridan Ampora

Eridan A.

United Kingdom

219 posts

My style changes every other day! I don't like to keep myself tied down by any specific 'style' but I suppose it has changed. My older looks (now deleted) used jeans a lot which I never wear anymore and were much less bold as I had so much less confidence to wear what I wanted. As the time has passed, I've become more and more confident in wearing clothing that stands out!

1 · May 13, 2014

Julie Đặng

Julie Đ.

United States

69 posts

I have become much more fashionable over the years. But when it comes to style I don't think I have a specific type of style because I feel like I'm restricting myself if I tie down to a specific type. Fashion should be fluid. This way of thinking has my own "type of style" constant.

0 · May 27, 2014

Jessica Luxe

Jessica L.


1100 posts

OMG yes. I experiment a lot more, because with experimenting comes confidence and I have the guts to wear anything I like!

1 · May 29, 2014

Aimlesss Austin

Aimlesss A.

United States

21 posts

Yes! I am a lot more brave in what I chose. I remember before lookbook I would really like an outfit and then when I would walk out of the house the whole time I felt insecure and self cautious now I don't care what other think when I experiment.

1 · June 3, 2014


E B.

United Kingdom

11 posts

I go back and forth between styles - sometimes I get the urge to really make an effort when putting together outfits and buy things that stand out and experiment but then other times (such as when the weather sucks for example) I tend to resort back to the comfy stuff and go for the jeans/t-shirt/converse look.

0 · June 4, 2014

Dolly Spectra

Dolly S.

United States

450 posts

Absolutely! In fact, my style has changed so much since I joined about 4 and a half years ago, I went ahead and deleted all my old looks a little while ago to start fresh. I've always been into bold shapes and bright colors, but now I'm embracing an aesthetic much more akin to 50s and 60s mid-century modern, space age, color block, and kitsch.

0 · June 10, 2014

Faye Medina

Faye M.


14 posts

Yes my style changes, majorly because I like to dress up not just differently compared to others, but also compared to my "yesterday" self. :) I like trying out pieces I've never worn before!

0 · June 12, 2014

Katereeya .

Katereeya ..


84 posts

Yes my style always changes! I travel a lot and I find that whenever I come back home I've completely changed my style and end up having a wardrobe crisis!

0 · June 12, 2014



United Arab Emirates

11 posts

Yes, it always changes. Before I got into 80's style, then emo/punk style... got into very feminine dolly look.. and now, I'm into bohemian style~

0 · May 13, 2015

Sol .

Sol ..


5 posts

Well, I guess I always had a mixed style so it did not change - it's still mixed. I love elegant, rocky, behemian.. It's sometimes diffucult to define my style when someone asks me to

0 · October 8, 2015

Beatrix Rhea

Beatrix R.


1 posts

Yes my style has definitely changed over the past years, especially since i got into university. I used to be that one who wears simple t-shirt and jeans but thats obviously not gonna work for me now (probably on my off day) x

0 · October 8, 2015

Maria Morri

Maria M.


48 posts

I think my style has evolved and much of it certainly has to do with Lookbook, but not only Lookbook, but also blogs and later on, Instagram. I have refined my style and found inspirations through the community.

But now that I look my old pictures from like 3 years back, they're essentially the same aesthetic than they are now, so it seems that my style evolution has come to a halt, or atleast slowing down... I dunno if that's a good thing or a bad thing, I wouldn't want to get stuck, but then again I love having a sense of "me" that comes through certain clothing and ways to put an outfit together...

Luckily there's always Lookbook for inspiration. :)

0 · October 10, 2015

Katie Lee

Katie L.

United States

542 posts


I have an eclectic style now, which is the opposite from the past, and I contribute my change or refinement of my style to the fashion blogging community.
If it wasn't for the engagement of other bloggers, and the sharing of deals and outfits, I would still have the same dull wardrobe.

Also, as you get older, your style tends to mature as well. So, I'm glad I've grown as a stylish person.

1 · October 12, 2015



United Kingdom

10 posts

Yup, definitely! There are things that I used to dislike, that I could never see myself wearing unless I had to, (like trainers for gym class!) but now I love them and they can sometimes be the focal point of my look. I also feel that I'm much more comfortable within myself and a lot more likely to take risks and wear whatever I want to wear just because it makes me feel good.

Now, I find that I don't care so much if other people don't like what I'm wearing, because ultimately I dress for myself. Like Aimlesss above, I feel more confident in myself and much more brave.

0 · October 14, 2015

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5701 posts

i've added few more bits here and there and while my style is fairly defined, i'm widening it even more but at a slower pace than before

0 · October 20, 2015

Juliet Ly

Juliet L.

United States

340 posts

My style has totally changed. Ask me four years ago and I would never wear a crop top, mom jeans, or even rock a snapback. I'm in love with the minimalist style now and I'm sure this style is here to stay.

0 · October 24, 2015

Sophia Fay

Sophia F.

United Kingdom

17 posts

I don't think it has changed, my style is very specific I think and it is a part of my own personality. As long as I don't change as a person, I don't change my style.

0 · October 26, 2015



United States

20 posts

Mine changes here and there, I've definitely changed since my late teens for sure. But to be honest it depends on what I'm doing, the types of events I'm going to, who I'm seeing etc. I like to dress for the occasion.

0 · October 27, 2015

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

No, not yet, as I am newbie, but I can say I found much more stores, where I can buy stuff, f.e. finerlabels and boohoo.

0 · October 30, 2015

Klaudia Mae

Klaudia M.


21 posts

My style changed (read upgraded,lol) a lot since i came here for the first time
i've been away for +- 2years, it was so funny to see my old looks

0 · November 7, 2015

Saya Crow

Saya C.


7 posts

My style changed a lots by years. And every stades of it was a reflect of me. I regret anything I wore and I will wear (:

0 · January 2, 2016

Diana Nguyen

Diana N.


16 posts

Yes! My style changes throughout the years and it has developed to a more mature and classy style right now. Really clean and casual as well. I still love to mix and match and I do it all the time with the sporty chic style.

0 · January 3, 2016

Eszter B

Eszter B.


5 posts

My style changes constantly. I often feel that I'm just growing up finally or something. I don't mind the changes as long as I still have my character in my outfits. And I think it's the most important: no matter how you dress up as long as you remain yourself wearing that outfit. Plus, there are many lines in my closet that haven't changed over the years. I think it's very normal and also necessary for anyone to freshen his/her style every now and then. In my case, I'm not 16 anymore so I had to leave for example the cute style behind, because it felt no longer comfortable.

0 · March 13, 2016

Maggie S

Maggie S.

United States

3 posts

My style used to be constantly evolving, but I was never truly happy with it. Recently, I've been trying to shop smarter and more sustainably. It's great for your style to grow as you do, just make sure to not fall for fast fashion trends.

0 · March 15, 2016

Lily Jane

Lily J.


114 posts

Yes, of course. It changes all the time. Few years ago I just loved mini purses, nad now I am crazy about big bags from finer labels :))

0 · March 16, 2016

Lara Twist

Lara T.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

13 posts

I think that seeing so many people that wear bold outfits and are confident in it, helped me a lot into making more bold decisions, I feel like for a long time I liked a specific style, but I never had the guts to go for it because it is easier to blend in, but as I feed from more inspiration of lookbook and other sites, I get more confident in my looks, and that changes every day a little bit, so I think this site helped me to experiment a lot, and be more confident in wearing things outside of the "classic fashion rules" that make you blend in

0 · March 21, 2016

Trevor W

Trevor W.


71 posts

It sure did, back then I was really confuse when people asked about what sort of style that I'm in, I'm always uncertain about it, back then it was kinda like grunge or just casual, only until recently then I know the style that I am into, and I am comfortable with, which is streetwear. I am now going to the store I normally wouldn't go to, but the clothes that I never even look at it before, but now I've picked the outfits, clothing, so differently, and I think this is a good change.
Please check me out. Much appreciated.

0 · March 22, 2016

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5701 posts

my style has changed again and i'm liking something a little more comfortable and simple. i'll never be a true minimalist and i wouldn't call myself so but i'm blending elements of my style previously that i want to keep (the vintage retro style) with more comfortable contemporary pieces

0 · November 21, 2016

Enchantress Co

Enchantress C.

PASADENA, CA. 91103,
United States

29 posts

My style used to be constantly Changed according to trend and updated fashion which is something a little more comfortable and simple.

0 · February 27, 2018


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