Open up an own Facebook Site about your own Designs - Advice?

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Patricia Raion

Patricia R.


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Hi. I'm about to open up an own Facebook site about my own designs.
Why? Because my sister is going to marry next year and I have to do 4 bridesmaid dresses and two flower girl dresses for her wedding. She told me that she wanna do some promotion for me and told me to open up my own site with my own designs.
For now I only have 2 own designs, will finish another one of my colletion in the next two weeks and will also do a costume/cosplay in the next two weeks,
After this I have to do 6 costumes/cosplays and wanna design a petticoat dress for my mother.
So at all I have about 10 own designs until september and about 20 till my sisters wedding.

The thing is. I have never made a side about my own designs or anything similar and need some advice from someone who already has some experience on his own.
My main problem is how I should design or name my side because its not only for nice dresses or so.
It's totally mixed up with everything I will ever design or will be asked for to design.
And what to write in the description?
Should I write everything in my mother language or in English? Should I ask friends to like my site, even they don't have to do everything with it or even don't like it?

I'm very thankful to every help I can get

almost 5 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

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a simple explanation of what the page is about, in both english and german. make albums for each sub topic, invite your friends to it and take it from there

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