Question for Fashion Design students (AAS and BFA)

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1. Is it possible to become a designer without a fashion degree?

2. is the downside/disadvantages of obtaining a AAS as opposed to a BFA in Fashion Design?

My background:

My ultimate goal is to open a design studio that specializes in creating bespoke/made-to-order gowns (bridal and evening).

Since, I have no formal education/training in sewing/fashion (everything I know is self-taught), I'm considering going to school to get a degree in fashion design. Is this a good idea or is it possible for me to reach my goal without a fashion degree?

Also, I already have a Bachelor's degree and don't want to do the whole undergrad thing again, so if I do go back to school, I'd be looking at getting an Associates in Fashion Design. My concern is that in the real world, an AAS might be less respected than a BFA degree, which may limit my choices/options in the future. If I do decide to go back to school, should I get a BFA or AAS degree in fashion design?

Opinions/advice welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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Christina Sylvester

Christina S.

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I think it ultimately depends on how confident you are in your skills. If you feel you could benefit on learning more advanced techniques (Bridal and Evening wear can be really technical) then a vocational qualification that equips you with the necessary skills should be adequate.

You are already educated to degree level and in response to your question regarding the necessity of a fashion degree...well it depends. Some employees ask for one and others don't. I personally think experience is far more valuable than a degree.

Even if you had a PhD in design, it all comes down to your marketing and branding. Even the most simplest of clothing lines can be marketed effectively to attract customers.

I hope this helps in some way. Some of the top designers did something unrelated to fashion or aren't educated to degree level. So ultimately no, you don't *need* a degree in Fashion.

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