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Paige A

Paige A.

United Kingdom

262 posts

I wasn't sure if there was already a topic for this (apologies if there is) I have recently just started music blogging and this isn't just me trying to advertise my blog but mostly I am looking for other music bloggers to share there links as I'd love to discover more.
So i'll start it off by posting my below feel free to take a look, and get posting others below!

over 4 years ago

Lisaxhayden .

Lisaxhayden ..

United States

5 posts

Does soundcloud count? I just got one, I posted a few originals.
By the way, your blog is off to a great start!
Wish you luck! :)

0 · August 24, 2014

Oliver Long

Oliver L.

United Kingdom

16 posts

My blog is about fashion and music

0 · October 21, 2014


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