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Frank Furter

Frank F.


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Hi all,

My name is Frank, I’m an illustrator and a fan of street fashion photography and have started a project where I add custom illustrated art work to already existing photos. You may view examples of what I'm describing at the flowing address:

Basically, this is a call for submissions. If you're interested in having something similar done with one of your photos, just send me a very very short message letting me know you're interested. I'll look through your photo's and If something jumps out at me, I'll respond asking for a high resolution version of that photo. That's it!

Things to keep in mind:

-This is open to people of any gender, race, age, body type, etc...
-This is a personal project, i.e. not for commercial use, i.e, you will not be monetarily compensated.
-You will be offered a high res version of the end result and be granted the right to display it for any non commercial purpose.
-You will be clearly credited, wherever I post the image online, in any manner of your choosing.

While I appreciate everyone's interest, I unfortunately am unable to respond to everyone.
Thanks for reading all! I look forward to viewing your photos.


over 5 years ago


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