Alex C.

Alex C.
Alex C.
absolutely gorgeous, every piece individually and the look as a whole. Phenomenal work. Lovely colors, textures, and accents.
Alex C.
This was the apex of your hairstyle evolution.
Alex C.
pure sex.
Alex C.
superb silhouette.
Alex C.
This is really a beautiful look. Love the silhouette of the hoodedparka against the skinny jeans
Alex C.
Im commenting again to give you a heart.
Alex C.
of course :) good to see you joined the party
Alex C.
dinky? what do you mean by that?
Alex C.
i hope the title is a monsters inc reference
Alex C.
What's wrong? :)
Alex C.
Loved this look on the sartorialist, love this look here.
Alex C.
I'm never growing it out again, I can promise you that :)
Alex C.
i think this is the best comment I've ever received. Thanks a lot :)
Alex C.
its like sometimes words can't do justice to some looks. this is one of those cases. this silhouette is remarkable
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