Sera Stardust

Sera Stardust
John Marine
This outfit is nothing short of beautiful! I love the color combination of your hair and this outfit more than the individual pieces. I do love the top and the skirt(?) as well as this moon accessory. Lovely hair. I offer Hype and Heart to this fine outfit!
John Dineen
Stunning colors & Overall, a Very Beautiful look !!! RAVISHING !!!
Sammi Jackson
I love your hair! <3
Risovic Nicolas
Superb style and details.
Ana Vieira
your hair ! love the color ♥xxx
John Marine
Very stylish cropped top and skirt. I am not big on chokers, but this one is nice. Wonderful hair also. Hyped!
John Marine
This is a lovely outfit with the hat, the cropped top, and the beautiful bell bottom pants. Wonderful hair also. Hyped!
John Marine
I already shown love for this outfit. But as promised, here's some extra love for your outfit, as I offer a Heart to you. It's the first time I commented on an outfit but later offer a Heart after previously posting. Anyhow, you earned it. So enjoy! :D
John Marine
Total princess you are here with this fabulous cropped top and skirt. Lovely face and hair as well. I adore the color combination also. I'd offer a Heart, but I used it on another outfit, sadly. Still- absolutely Hyped you here!
Ipanima Ipanima
my princess
check out Ipa - Nima
Luna Tiger
amazing and dreamy !
John Marine
The outfit and your color combination are amazing here. Truly fabulous! Hyped for sure!
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