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Iel Perez

Iel Perez

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Chino Carlo Aricaya
your shots are just amazing!

Fanned! ^_^
Edy Koeswito
i.m FAN now..

lets FAN..
Paula Dela Cruz
oh i am too.. hehe
Paula Dela Cruz
Elena Jensen
well mine's 23 haha.
Elena Jensen
to be honest, I don't quite understand what the karma thing is. care to explain?
Maree Vie
oh, you'll be starting school when i have summer! haha..
oh snaps, you were in the US?!

how was it?!
you likee???

let me know! =]

i wanna hear your comment, haha, cuz i live in the US.

What state did you visit?
Maree Vie
PSH- oh pleeaseee!
you = fat??!!


you must be fooling yourself! haha.

You are skinny. i wish i was as skinny as you! sort of. but its all good.

I'm doing quite fine Lel... Is that your name?
I only have 3 more days of school left!! so i'm excited!
Can't wait for Summer! =]

Are you still in school?
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