Abi Conkle

Abi Conkle
Abi Conkle
You know it. :]
Love youu.
Abi Conkle
Cough cough.
Nice Pokemon.
Who did you originally name that after? x]
Abi Conkle
I love this to no end.
Love the hair.... I'm actually very jealous.
Abi Conkle
I just wanted to say that I love the title of this look.
The outfit is very, very nice as well,
but the title really made me smile.
Abi Conkle
For starters, the color scheme for the outfit is excellent.
But, on another note, I love the contrast between your face and your hair in this photo.
Other than the pink, it was probably one of the most attention drawing features.
I approve 100%
Abi Conkle
Where did you get that shirt?
Abi Conkle
I love this!
Especially the plugs!
Abi Conkle
I am completely in love with this outfit. I want it!
Abi Conkle
I love this! Especially the leggings.
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