Gail C

Gail C
Gail C

I havent used lookbook for about a year... but got an email notification that you'd left a comment so thought id pop back on for a look... Love your looks and all that fur. LUSH.

Do you have instagram??? I much prefer that now???
Gail C
no dont have the time... just an instagram... and only started that... my friend takes the pics and im his model hes a photography student
Gail C
Hey thanks for being a fan!!! Love that fur coat you hyped... do you wear fur yourself... It's so my fashion guilty pleasure. I LOVE real fur!
Gail C
stunning photo... love it such class and that fur just looks such luxury!
Gail C
lush love it... your new fan! xxx That fur is hot!
Gail C
truely amazing fur babe!!!
Gail C
This coat defo gets my heart today!!!!
Gail C
Just stunning... one of the most beautiful pics of you ever!
Gail C
In Love with your Yarmak coat... so lush!!!
Gail C
Wow what an outfit! I adore that fur!!! I love red fox... so natural and warm a colour... your style is fab... im your new fan! And LOVE t blog too!
Gail C
mmm I want that bag!
Gail C
who cares its stunning!!! LOVE it and the bag!!!
Gail C
MMMM Loving the collar on your coat looks super cosy... Is it fox? Is it a seperate or part of the coat! LUSH!!!
Gail C
lush vintage bag
Gail C
Simply stunning sam as always!
Gail C
MMMM I adore your cardi!
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