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Mari Susanna

Mari Susanna

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Mari Susanna
Thank you, me too! I got married in these shoes 💖
Mari Susanna
Thank you! 😊
Mari Susanna
Thank you! 😊
Mari Susanna
Thank you! Though those are not flats, they are 10 cm high heels. 😁
Mari Susanna
Thank you! How kind of you to say that ☺️
Mari Susanna
Thank you!
Michelle S.
Very Beautiful Outfits Mari !!!!
Feels 22
Time for school!
Mari Susanna
ATTENTION EVERYONE: My Lookbook account was hacked. Someone edited my looks so that it seemed I had purchased all my shoes (and some of my purses) from a website called Sammy Dress.

I have NEVER bought anything from Sammy Dress, nor will I NEVER intend to do so, not especially after this dirty trick. I also urge all of you to not support this dishonest website.

I have tried to edit all my looks so that there is no Sammy Dress tag or URL visible. I hope I haven't missed it anywhere - if I have, please feel free to let me know.

This makes me especially angry, because many of the shoes Sammy Dress claimes to have sold to me are actually from a Finnish shoe designer Minna Parikka. I hate it when a cheap shop steals the real designer's credit. You surely won't find Minna Parikka's shoes in that kind of webshops, but you can find them here: Support the original designer, not the hackers and liers. Thank you, everyone, for you attention! ♥
Very original, I love your looks!
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