Kit Marsden

Kit Marsden
Kit Marsden
I love your dog!
Kit Marsden
Yeah, it's a bit of a beast… I love it!
Kit Marsden
Pretty much everything's been said. One thing I would add, from my experience, is to try and pick a background that's not too 'cluttered'. You'll want to shoot with a fairly shallow depth of field (ie. low f-stop), so that the subject (you) stands out from the background – but if there's a lot going on in the background of the photo, without someone actually focusing the camera the auto-focus may pick up on that instead of you. I have found it's best to shoot outdoors, from this perspective, as you can find an open space without much behind you to distract the camera (plus, natural light is always nicer for portraits anyway!).
Kit Marsden
To meet my future wife. Obviously.

Although I'll settle for the occasional person just liking how I dress…
Kit Marsden
Wow! So simple, but so awesome.
Kit Marsden
How come you're in Norwich? No one ever comes here!
Kit Marsden
Gorgeous! And a very cool car, too… ;)
Kit Marsden
I love your dog!!
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