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Katrín Hammer

Katrín Hammer

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Denny Balmaceda
tumblr buddy!
Chris Fox
You got a Tumblr! :D
I noticed because you reblogged one of my pictures.
Tack så mycket :D
Karst Kafka
no! seriously. thank for the compliment, but i like your better. ;)
Karst Kafka
oh, come on! not as nearly as beautiful as you are. i'm so jealous. + you have the exact hair that i'm trying to grow. aarrgghh! i'm so jealous... <3 <3 <3
Karst Kafka
oh my dear lord, katrín, you're like the prettiest girl ever! <3 you're so gorgeous.
David M
i know!! i don't like regular yogurt anymore
David M
i bet i'll make it....i survived for 15 without it xD
David M
yea! i don't have any more skyr D:
i 'll have to go get some before i like....die of skyr deprivation
David M
did you get any blueberry skyr?
it would be sad if the faroe islands were lacking it....
Karen Lux
beauty looks
Sandra Salomonsson
Ã…h. Tack detsamma fina du!
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