Ellie Ferris

Ellie Ferris
Ellie Ferris
i love this dress... miss yo face xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Ellie Ferris
this is sick man! so cool!!! xxxxxxxxxxx
Ellie Ferris
so pretttttty
Ellie Ferris
this is so so so so so so so so gorgeous... i love it!!!!
i'm coming back tomorrow to give you my heart.
you and ella are so creative.. on halloween i went for dinner with my dad (Y) EXCELLENT!

proud o' you.
Ellie Ferris
this is just unbelievable... LOVELOVELOVE! so proud of you honey.
Ellie Ferris
this is my favourite!!! love you x
Ellie Ferris
seriously this is so so so so so so so amazing!!

i am absol gobsmacked. MASSIVE fan.

perfect beyond belief. i sound like a freaky stalker but i don't care.!

gave my heart to ella but will give it to you tomorrow cause i love this and you obvs,xxxx
Ellie Ferris
you look so dank mate.... nice glasses, s'cause i helped choose them i bet ;)

love youuuu x
Ellie Ferris

love that song though. paha
Ellie Ferris
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!
Ellie Ferris
you look fabulous mateeeee...
fierce as fock!! <3
Ellie Ferris
you sexy mo fo
Ellie Ferris
one of my faves ever....

I like this... *imagine it's boats not this and you'll laugh cause i did*
Ellie Ferris
so lovely....fanned!x
Ellie Ferris
amazingggggg!! you so buffle xxxxx
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