Guy S

Guy S
Guy S
Omg that drives me crazy! I agree with you - let people hype if they WANT - not because you asked.
Guy S
Somehow I just love the idea of this look! And the fact you got an amazing outfit [great brands] for under 10 is a steal!
Guy S
purple looks great on u!
Guy S
BEAUTIFUL!!! And the "Heart If.." is a cute touch :)
Guy S
I loved the story! Elad in a sock monkey hat...priceless!! Mr. Elegence in a monkey hat I would die to see!
Guy S
You two look great together! And friendship is priceless!!!
Guy S
I swear you are the king of elegence!
Guy S
You have been active on for all of 3 days [posting looks] starting at only 2 fans. Now you have 1,073 Karmas, 9 hearts and almost 200 fans. What is your secret? :)
Guy S
As usual, you pulled the style off amazing. Simple, but still so classy. Perfect for day at the office or a night out. Very nice!
Guy S
amazing look Elad! You're so classy :)
Guy S
I'm glad you decided to post some looks. It looks great!
Guy S
thank you! I look forward to seeing more looks :)
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